Thursday, May 9, 2013

NEW BLOG ADDRESS: A Note from Bernideen

Hi Dear blogging friends:

I just want to put all my blogging friends at ease since you were redirected to:  which is my new blog address!  Please make note.

 This will give me the ability to block spammers.  I have received
help doing this from my expert internet genius - Jonathan H.


Marilyn Miller said...

Thanks, Bernideen!
That is why I monitor and delete some of my visitors comments. Might have to check this out.

Beth said...

Hi Bernideen, Good luck to you. I hope this helps. Seems the spammers keep trying new things to get to us.
xo Beth

Angela McRae said...

Just added your new link to my sidebar, so thanks for letting us know you have done that. I've been aggravated by the amount of spam I got this week and *finally* went to moderated comments for the first time ever. I hate to do it, but ... I hate even more having junk comments out there!

Bernideen said...

Also look at your blogspot stats page at today, week, month. If you see Filmhill they are porn out of Russia. They had been to my site 354 times in a month which is why I changed to a ".com" this week because I can block them now. I wish google would provide this ability on our blogs but they don't.

Barbara said...

Interesting. I have had to revert to word verification having had aprox. 40 annonymous and spammers a day.

Bernideen said...

Word verification won't help - they can do that too! Go to settings, then click on posts and comments - make sure the box is marked for REGISTERED USER only! This won't allow anonymous comments.