Thursday, September 24, 2020



I am finally out today to have a

little tea in the garden so I set up a

tiny table right near some bittersweet

growing on the fence post. I am so 

excited to have this bittersweet growing.

Did you know that you have to get a male

and a female plant to get berries?

I think it is finally cool enough to enjoy

some nice hot British Breakfast Tea. I hope

you love to chat because there is so much

to chat about (anything other than politics

please).  I hope you are

 well and have been healthy!

Yesterday I made some little apple tarts like

I have made in the past - you can find that

recipe here if you are interested.  Instead

of a large tart - I made little ones. 

We are still practicing social distancing and

not really going out very much. For the last couple

of weeks we still had over 1000 active cases of

 Covid in our county but now it has dropped down to 

300+.  We go for a  ride now and then

 and my husband goes to get out groceries, we 

drive by our family and grandkids and talk out the

window and I go out and walk everyday.

This week I am disciplining myself to

work on some yard cleanup. I worked Saturday

most of the day sorting my garden seeds.

That was quite a job.   I cleaned up my garden

potting bench in the garage and put away some 

of my summer porch items getting out my 

Scarecrow lady I have had for years and years.

  Now it is time to get back out and hoe up

 some weeds in the garden and dig up some

 trees that have sprouted in places hidden

 - plus some naughty poison ivy.

We need to stay away from that!  I brought out

my stack of older fall Victoria's - mostly the

September issues to enjoy.  Don't you just

love them?

This magazine above sure brings back memories as

it features a shop in San Francisco near Berkley 

that my friend and I visited once.  I thought it

was so thrilling to visit a shop they had featured.

 Right now the squirrels are busy planting acorns everywhere in our yard from the massive oak and also the walnuts that are dropping.   I have to go out in the morning and find them and collect them to keep them from planting them where I don't see them andlater a tree comes up in the flowers.

So I hope you have enjoyed our tea time

together and we can do this again

another day.....also, I forgot to tell you

I found this little creamer on ebay and

it is my one and only piece of Wedgwood

Fallow Deer lusterware.  Remember Martha

Stewart featured the plates on a Christmas

table setting in her 1989 book "Martha

Stewart's Christmas" - my favorite of

all her books.  

And guess what?

I would like to have a drawing again

 next Sunday as well, so here is the next cozy I

am giving away.  It is made from vintage

dark purple with gold  print velvet and 

beige lace and is also a size large which 

means it will fit a big 8 cup or 48 ounce teapot!

Just leave your name and comment that you
would like to be included in the drawing for
this next one.  I will draw for it on next
Sunday - September 27th.  

NAME - "UNKNOWN" won't work!

The winner for the fall one from last week was
Annie from "Annie's Simple Life" and I finally
heard from her so her's is going out
 today 9/25/2020!


Lynn said...

Absolutely beautiful early Fall photos of your flower arrangement
and tea setting. I do like the new creamer, so rich and elegant looking.
Wonderful you are still walking for exercise and glad to hear the cases
of covid have dropped a bit. I think it will never really be gone and
at this rate, not under control. Yes, yard work before the frost hits.
I cut down my blue ageratum as the colder nights had taken a toll on them.
Nothing blooming as nice as there were. And I don't like things to
get frozen first, ugly then. There is bitter sweet growing in my neighborhood,
but I did not know it took a male and female to get those orange berries.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Your Autumnal tea party looks delightful.
I'm surprised at how much farther along your seasonal colors are compared to ours a little further South....
Your tea set is the perfect pattern for this time of the year, my daughter has the same pheasant theme.
The little tarts look delicious...*drool*

Unknown said...

Everything looks so lovely!!! I too have gotten put oldet issues of Victoria. It is my favorite magazine. I would love to be included in your drawing!!! Praying you stay healthy and thank you so much for always sharing tea time and giving us something beautiful to see!!!

cabbage queen said...

I'd LOVE one of your cozies! I "drop by" your blog every morning, cup of tea in hand, to "visit" with you. Your treats always look tastier than mine... LOL!!!

T'sCozyBlessings said...

I'd love to win one of your cozies! Thank you for the opportunity.

Also, you should be able to "reply" to Annie's comment that she left on your blog and advise her that she won if you haven't already :)
Tonja Silva

ellen b. said...

Your fall tea in the garden is so delightful to my eyes. Love it!!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Lovely tea in your garden! I have all my old Victoria magazines! I love looking through them. So much beauty and inspiration!

Tammy H said...

As the days grow cooler tea is always a welcome break any time of day. I love the fall tea in your garden. So beautiful! Still have a few cosmos, and mums here in Colorado Springs that suvived our early September snow. Love the tea cozy so please enter me in your drawing. We're not getting out much either and also taking walks in the neighborhood. May you be encouraged and richly blessed. Stay safe! Tammy Horton in Colorado Springs

Susiecat said...

Everything is so beautiful, please add me to your drawing

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Bernideen, your tea table is delightful! I love your china and it is so perfect for Autumn. Love the creamer too! Once we get into October, I will bring out my Friendly Village set. I love your pretty cozy but I live in Canada, as you know. The little apple tarts look delicious! Yum! Happy Autumn!

Sonia said...

I love your teapot and that flower arrangement is gorgeous! Fall is my favorite and all the colors on your table are so pretty together. I have saved old Victoria magazines for years..on a cold winter day I love to relook through them. The fall tea cozy with the lace trim is gorgeous! Would love to win!

GrammaGrits said...

Beautiful tea cozy! So kind of you to share these, too. Blessings!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Your yard is always a favorite spot to visit, Bernideen! I am so thankful that we’ve had cooler temperatures here. I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

Louca por porcelana said...

Amazing Tea Time!So charming and inspiring!

Marilyn Miller said...

Love your Autumn garden, especially the plaid for the tea table. It just shouts out Autumn/Fall is here.

Jean | said...

Bernideen, how I'd love to join you for a cozy autumn tea in your garden. One of those beautiful apple tarts and lots of cups of tea, along with lots of conversation about everything but "the P word!" Glad your husband is taking care of the grocery shopping, as is mine. The tea cozy is gorgeous.