Saturday, November 21, 2020


Just sharing some tea cozies I just finished

for winter and not necessarily limited

to Christmas!  I love birds!

Bernideen's Tea Time on Etsy


Lynn said...

Those tea cozies are a mix of winter birds and a bit of Christmas , very pretty.

Sonia said...


Tammy H said...

Oh so sweet and very festive for winter tea. Tammy H.

ellen b. said...


Michele said...

Hi Bernideen - wow, those are gorgeous. Cardinals and snow just look so beautiful together. Great choice on fabric. And you KNOW I love your tea cozies!!!! GREAT gift idea for the tea lovers in our life!

Hey, pop on over for my giveaway. It's special to me.

Stay safe, stay well, stay hopeful.....hugs.

Michele said...

Hi Bernideen, me again - loved your trifle post - did you make it comment free? I couldn't comment - wanted to tell you that it looked so delicious I couldn't dived into my pc screen and tried to eat it. YUM!

I haven't made a trifle in years. I can't now or I'd eat the whole thing and go into a diabetic shock!!!! Haha. But I'd go with a huge smile on my face, ya know it????

Have a blessed week. Continue those prayers. American needs them big time.