Wednesday, September 15, 2021


We have so enjoyed  watching the hummingbirds come and go all summer
long.  We also have had our share of bees on our feeder lately.


Several months ago I had a little fireside chat with myself.  I am a gal who loves to get things done and I felt like I was needing to really look at my time and see how I was managing it! It is important to me to walk 30-60 minutes a day.  I also take this time to pray.  I pray for America, family, friends, the list is long and very important.  I pray for people I know and many I never met.  I believe God answers prayer. 

Between sewing, baking, cooking, gardening,
church activities and crafting I stay busy but
I never like to go to bed at night without feeling like "I got things done".  That's just always been part of my composition.  I love that in retirement I finally have time for the things I love.

Do you like to cook and/or bake?  I try to make a nice meal for my husband and I everyday.  Actually, I make a big meal every other day and we eat good leftovers in between.  When people tell me it's no fun to cook for one or two I can't understand because I put some of the food that I cook or bake (for 2) in plastic containers and then we just pull it out of the freezer.  It is wonderful to have beef stew tonight that I made last week and that work is all done. We also have fresh corn on the cob tonight from the Farmers Market.

 I enjoy taking baked items to the seniors meeting each week at church.  I try to always be learning some new recipe I haven't tried before so this is my chance.  I also enjoy surprising my son and his family with occasional meals.

After dinner last night I spent about about 4 hours working on the recipes for a fall themed tea at our church.  By that I mean, narrowing down the choices and making final decisions about 3 fall type savories, which 2 types of scones to choose and 3 fall sweets.  I also organized the recipes typing and printing them out for the lady in charge of the event.  I was so glad to hand her the folder today and know at least that part is done. Next Tuesday I am having a pre-event tasting here as we have an Afternoon Tea with all the yummy foods that we will serve at church in October.  I also plan to be a hostess at one of the tables and so I am figuring out just what my table setting will be and I am leaning toward using 
the above dishes..

In retirement I am trying to keep learning things.  I have been sewing some clothes for the first time in many years.  Of course I will
 continue to sew my tea                                                     cozies which
                                                   I love making.

Today I am on to other 
things. I am drying some
big huge hydrangeas
in the garage. Hopefully
my husband won't need
to mow the grass....     
 Yesterday it took me 3 hours in the morning but I made it across about 1/4 of my backyard as there are so many weeds and perennials that  need cutting back.  I am glad to at least get part of it done which looks so much nicer now.  We need rain so badly as things look very sad. 

I hope you enjoyed our fireside chat with no fire in the fireplace.  What sort of things are you getting done?


Vee said...

Yes, I certainly did enjoy this chat. the "tea time" blouse is so cute. I am impressed with your sewing skills.

Tammy H said...

You are such an industrious lady! I also enjoy cooking healthy meals for us and while I have favorite recipes I'm always trying new recipes.
I don't walk as often as you but it is the perfect time to pray for the needs of others. We pray for the neighbors as we pass by the houses.
I think the dishes you've chosen will be perfect for a fall tea. Planning a tea menu is always fun and I'm sure your menu will be yummy.
I made two blouses during covid last year. I had to tweak the patterns a bit but they turned out nice. I also sewed a lot for our daughters, some clothes as well as appliance covers for their kitchen. Since then I've kept busy with sewing small useful projects.
I haven't done much in the garden this year other than maintenance and planting a few flowers.
Take care and blessings to you!

Lynn said...

You certainly are a busy retired person. Love seeing it. I try to always
do my daily exercise, walk 3 miles or in summer bike 20 a day. Loving
summer weather. I do try to do hand work like crochet and embroider and
read read read. Have a fun tea soon. Look forward to photos, I so enjoy.

Linda Baker said...

Hi Bernideen!
This was a wonderful visit and so encouraging. The hummingbird picture is beautiful, as is your flower cart. I have been thinking about sewing again too, but haven't's been a very long time. Those dishes do look perfect for a fall tea. Dried hydrangeas are so special.
Blessings, Linda

Anonymous said...

Lovely post! xo, V

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I always love to come by for a visit. Your blog is so refreshing and lovely with many different elements to enjoy. Love the basket of hydrangeas! It is all so very cozy! Happy Autumn, Bernideen!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

I wish I lived closed enough to attend your Church Ladies' Tea in October! I know it will be a wonderful event. Be sure to share the menu with us when it is all figured out! I would love to have something like that here at our church, but I don't know if there are enough women interested in tea times here to make it happen. I don't think I am quite up to the task of organizing it either. But would sure love to attend one! I love your garden flowers and such beauties surrounding you. And that lovely Tea Time top...blouse? Jacket? Believe it or not, I have that exact same fabric that my sweet daughter in law made into some new little pillow covers and seat covers for my breakfast bar stool/chairs! I have pictures of them on this blog post: Be sure to scroll down to the latter part of the post to see them. Now I'm wondering if she has any of that fabric left, enough for a cute top, or maybe a tote of some kind! Hmmm, got me thinking! Have a blessed and wonderful week. I enjoyed this fireside chat w/o the fire so much!

CherylK said...

OOH that blouse! Might you consider putting those in your Etsy shop? It's so hard as a "mature" woman to find attractive tops that have sleeves. What a treat for your church friends to have you working on tea for them. Happy Fall Bernideen.