Thursday, January 29, 2009

Strainers and Infusers - Are They Confusing?

What are all those tea gadgets anyway?

Learning how to use strainers and infusers can be loads of fun! It really is pretty simple once you understand the difference....

Below is a strainer which is used when loose tea is placed in the tea pot and boiling water is added to the prewarmed teapot! The strainer"top" is placed over your lovely cup and then you simple pour your tea through it catching the tea leaves so they don't go in the cup. Then the strainer is placed back in it's own or another small dish. (teapots should be prewarmed with hot tap water which is poured out just before adding boiling water so as not to"shock" your teapot and crack it!)

Infusers on the other hand hold the tea leaves. See the infuser basket at the top right. Unscrew or open the infuser basket and fill to the top of the lower section with loose tea leaves which when wet will expand into the other section. Place in the teapot and pour in the boiling water. (Follow prewarming instructions above for teapot) When the tea has steeped your desired time remove the basket to a small dish. Your tea is ready my dear!


Cottage Rose said...

You have such lovely Tea sets. And a great lesson on making Tea. Loved it.


La Tea Dah said...

I have a question about decanting tea. Sometimes people prefer their tea served already decanted before it's brought to the table. In that case, I think one would use a strainer. But, in order to decant with strainer, two teapots would be necessary, right? It always seems so cumbersome to do this. Is their an easier way?

Bernideen said...

Note from Bernideen to La Tea Dah:
Exactly ...use a strainer...maybe the tea kettle to the teapot in this case.

eyeslikesugar said...

What an interesting post. I've always wondered about strainers vs. infusers. I prefer infusers as I am usually too clumsy to pour the water over the strainer. I don't often have guests over to show off my teapots, and usually brew for myself. I came over this way from your giveaway. :)