Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Relax with Fireside Tea this Winter!

Snuggle up with spice teas and chai in the evening by the fire.....we all have our own favorites. Caffeine a problem late at night? Better go decaf or herbal!

Winter is still here and we are "inside" more....time to relax in the evening with tea! We love to take our tea "fireside". There are so many teas to choose from for those cold winter nights. Isn't it amazing that spring is right around the corner in some places
and yet a ways off in other places. Here in Colorado we are having lots of warm weather but this can rapidly change and snow can arrive! In fact, it better or we are in huge moisture trouble!

After going through the forest fires years ago we do not want a repeat of that here on the front range. Having lived in the Houston area for 6 1/2 years it seems strange to rarely see rain here in Colorado. Yes, our moisture actually comes from winter snow! We drink the snow melt from the mountains!


Lady Katherine said...

Love the kettle setting upon the fire place.

The Vintage Rose said...

Love the idea of the kettle on the fireside! I just had to get up and make a cuppa -Earl Grey this time. Lovely to know the correct "afternoon Tea" definition - at home it would be held in the lounge room with the low (coffee)table and it is many times here in Australia when people are asked over for "Afternoon Tea". However I prefer to use my 'high' table (dining) as I can seat 8-10 around it, whereas my lounge setting only fits 4-5, so
maybe I am serving 'high tea' even though I tend to serve sandwiches, scones or muffins and assorted cakes including a cheesecake, as well as a few savouries. I use two & three tiered plates and fine bone china teacups, saucers and plates, sugar & creamers. I use basic teapots with pretty cosies. Here also the terms morning tea and afternoon tea are used for the tea/coffee break at work, or a simple cuppa and cake with a friend.

Bernideen said...

Loved hearing from the Vintage Rose in Australia.
You can visit her by clicking on the link in my side bar of favorite bloggers!