Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Royal Doulton: "Setting the Record Straight"

Last weekend two customers commented in my store that Royal Doulton was going under. I have learned over the years that it's best not to respond to what I don't know until I get the facts straight. I had just recently received some new photos and a new price list so this seemed strange to me.
When I first started selling Royal Doulton back in 2000 it was all made in England. I knew that from 2002-2004 factories in England were closed and outsourcing to China and Indonesia began. I saw the change first hand as products arrived with new markings.
Yesterday I called my Royal Doulton rep and got a few facts straight. She said that in England Royal Doulton was purchased last month by Wedgwood. The USA office has been in turmoil and was taken over this week by Wedgwood's people. I noticed after a quick web search some very old articles about "Royal Doulton" shuts down British factories, etc. A word of advice to all of us here: always check the date of an article on line because these referred to 2002 when the outsourcing began.
Have no fear - Old Country Rose is still here! I love my old Country Rose China my husband gave me last year for my 40th anniversary Made in ENGLAND TOO! 


BJ said...


I love everything to do with tea!! I was very excited when I discovered your blog yesterday. It seems it was meant for me. I would love to be entered in your "give away" that I saw on your store's web site. I'm looking forward to reading all your past and future posts.

Barbara said...

My Aunt had lots of this Counry Rose, it was so beautiful to use at tea time.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I have Royal Albert (Lavender Rose) and if I remember, Royal Dalton bought out Royal Albert at one time.

I think in this economy, we will see more takeovers like this.

Connie said...

Seriously, my heart skipped a beat when I read the title of THIS post--I simply adore my Old Country Rose! My set was a 'thank you' gift from my husband for helping him through graduate school and I've added to it bit by bit over the years. So, thanks for putting my mind at ease! I'd also like to be entered in the drawing to be done on Feb. 9--looks/sounds great!

Unknown said...

Bernideen, I am an absolute novice when it comes to antiques China or anything collectable. However I was recently in an antique store in NSW Australia looking for an engagement present. I found the most amazing water pitcher with a really interesting shape and unique style. The shopowner told me that it was a Doulton from around 1930. After inspecting the bottom sure enough the Doulton Symbol and number is there. I would love to find out how I can gain more information on the piece? Any assistance and/or ideas would be greatly appreciated. The number on the bottom is 95307R hand written: Regards Fearn Sydney Australia said...

Now all Royal Doulton items made in the UK are so much more valuable.