Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Beatrix Potter Tea Party for Teenage Girls!

Last week a customer in my store asked if I would include some ideas on my blog for having tea parties for teenage girls. So this week I will do that!

Since most of the country is still in winter and indoors more....let's talk about a Beatrix Potter Tea Party........
With teens the emphasis will be on the "person" Beatrix Potter rather than "Peter Rabbit" her famous character she wrote about and created.

I suggest buying or renting the movie "Miss Potter" and showing it to the girls. About half way in the middle...have an "intermission" and serve tea and scones which could be eaten during the last half of the movie. As a parent I would watch the movie first yourself so that you are knowledgeable about the story. You could have a quiz after the movie. ( print out copies ) A nice prize could be given for the one who gets the most answers right.

Quiz: What was the name of her guardian? (Miss Wiggins) What were the colors Beatrix originally wanted to use in her books? (black and white) How many scenes were there with teasets in the movie? (7) How did Beatrix's father obtain a copy of her first book? (he purchased it himself) What did Beatrix's father do every day? (not much - went to the men's club) What was the name of the farm where Beatrix lived after Norman died? (Hilltop Farm) What went on at the farm? (it was a working farm with cattle, pigs and sheep) At first, did Beatrix know she was wealthy? (no)
Add some of your own questions.........

Additional thoughts: I read that after Beatrix father died, she purchased a home for her mother near Hilltop. Inspite of the ill treatment she received from her mother she was a good daughter.

Note: theDVD is available at our store for $19.95


ellen b. said...

That would be fun for me too, an older lady :0)

Andrea said...

I love this idea! I am big fan of Beatrix Potter. You plans for the tea are very creative and would be loved by little girls!

Lady Katherine said...

Great Idea! My birthday is in April 5th, I want so much to have a tea party! I may try and plan one! I just love your blog! I one time started to quit blogging, for sometimes its so hard to visit all. I have a friend that gets my blog through email, only thing she can do on a computer, she asked me to please keep blogging for if it was just for her. It made her happy. Your blog does that to me. I decided to do what I can and visit when I can, So Here I Am Visiting your wonderful blog today.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

There are water color DVD's and perhaps CD's of the different stories that Beatrix Potter wrote. Do you carry them in your store or do you know where they can be purchased. Thanks so much for your time. I am truely enjoying every minute of my visit with you. ~smile~
I am off to the next post.