Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Celebrating Purim with A Queen Esther Tea for Teenage Girls!

I have always loved the women of the Bible. The old Testament is full of examples of women of strong courage and leadership.

Just one example would be the story of Hadassah who
became Queen Esther.

A tea party for teenage girls or adapted to little girls
can focus on "stations" where they have their nails done,
hair styled, makeup applied, "personal manners and etiquette trainer" instruction, etc. This will require the help of several capable adults to oversee the stations. Every girl can be treated as one who might be chosen as Esther. An understanding of the Bible story is fundamental and could be taught at the beginning of the party. PLEASE EMPHASIZE NOT JUST HER BEAUTY BUT HER GODLY CHARACTER AS THIS WAS HER PREDOMINATE CHARACTERISTIC!

I find many young women are confused about true life stories and stories of interest about fictional characters. An example was the wonderful character Anne of Green Gables who was created by L. M. Montgomery.

Tea Time Treats: a little lesson about making tea would be fun! Mix and match teacups maybe? You could go to the Goodwill or second hand store to find ones they could keep. Even an assortment of teabags which they could pick from served with finger sandwiches, scones and sweets. How about a lovely cake with a plastic crown on top?


parTea lady said...

Lovely ideas. One of my favorite women of the Bible is Ruth. You are so right about emphasizing Godly character. Sadly, our society over emphasizes womens physical appearance.

Andrea said...

What a great idea! Girls would love it, and it would provide godly instruction. I agree with partea lady, who said that our society puts too much emphasis on the outward appearance. It's so hard on young girls these days.

Storybook Woods said...

What an amazing example and lessons to be learned in Esther. I love your tea idea. Clarice

Linda Jennings said...

That is a lovely idea for a little girls tea party with a purpose!

Lady Katherine said...

You have lovely ideas just flowing! I love it.