Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Keeping Tea Nice and Cozy!

Keeping your tea nice and hot is going to be important! There are tea cozies such as these that wrap around a teapot like a nice sleeping bag! Bev Meller has been sewing cozies for my store for years...........

The other style of cozy is a dome type that sits over the top of the teapot!

You could easily make a dome type cover by measuring your teapot fromspout to handle!

Metal warmers also work with little tea candles inside. The trick here is to never leave this lit for longer than 30 minutes. Also, never use a votive candle - only a mini type tea candle. Never use a tea cozy at the same time as a warmer! It could catch on fire!

This brown porcelain tea warmer below is very nice for your everyday kitchen type teapot!
Taking time for tea is enhanced by all these loving cozies!


Linda Jennings said...

You have some very nice cozies and teapot warmers here!

Anonymous said...

I had purchased a tea pot last year and spent the extra money to buy the china teapot warmer and it is so wonderful! The cozies are pretty!

Storybook Woods said...

I love my metal warmer, pretty cozies. Clarice

oma aka meme said...

I like this blog thread - I bought a cute tea pot the other day that is cream in color and big enough for 4 cups and on it
it was a meme moment for sure-

if you or friend are into sewing you can make a flat rice bag with cinnamon added to it and heat in microwave- your friend could make matching ones - it is just a smell pillow like case sewed on all four sides- I think about 5 inches by 5 inches - and not too thick- it you sew down the - you can sew 2 lines space apart down the square once it is finished as this helps keep the rice evenly distributed- this is fun to heat and place the tea pot on it to stay warm- test the time but mine is about 1 minute of heating- and just gives of a nice soft cinnamon smell
maybe is she has interest she could tell my blog if the directions are not good- but being a sewing lady she can do her own designs- circles work too and if they were match how pretty the would be- hugs from Meme

parTea lady said...

What pretty tea cozies. I especially like the pink one. I have a beautiful cross-stitched monogram cozie that my husband made for me. I just use it for display, since I would really hate to get tea stains on it. The porcelain tea warmers are very nice also.

Lady Katherine said...

Love the cozies, I wanting one, I purchased fabric to make one, I may just have to buy one. lol I have an electric warmer, but I am scared to use it with my tea pot. What do you think?

Unknown said...

Love to see your blog...and just follow you :-))