Friday, April 3, 2009

I Will Be Back!

Have you wondered if I fell off the cliff? Well.....yes.....maybe! We have spent a lot of time talking to people in India this week because my Internet connection is down and I am in the process of changing.....It all happened 3/30/09 but I WILL BE BACK around April 13th....SO COME BACK TO SEE ME.....AND I WILL BE HOPEFULLY SEEING YOU SOON. By the way you should have been suspicious about my last post that had NO PHOTOS - I NEVER DO THAT! Bye for now.....Bernideen


Marilyn Miller said...

Good luck with the internet and computer challenges. I am having them also. I finally changed internet services; so I could talk to a support staff in the states.

Paula said...

Dear Bernideen,

I look forward to 'seeing' you when you return. I hope you have a blessed Easter!
Love, Paula

P.S. Could you please enter me in your lovely Garden Lover's give away? Thank you so much!