Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Early Garden Time in Colorado

Here in Colorado we are behind most of the USA in "what's up and blooming" now. Our roses won't be blooming for several months........but when they do they will bloom well into the fall.

Our perenials are just coming along out of the ground. Part of this has to do with our very cool nights. This is also why flocks of people come here on vacation. I lived in Spring, Texas where you could walk outside at night in the summer and it would be 100 degrees. Here it is a lovely 70 degrees or less at night. The day lilies my daughter-in-law gave me in the fall all survived in spite of being in plastic bags outside in the winter and not getting planted for four months. Gardening is so much fun - I love getting my fingers in the dirt!


Mrs. E said...

Beautiful..... your garden is lovely
and that birdhouse is so quaint!

Love & Blessings~ Jen

parTea lady said...

You have a really lovely garden, so much to see. I miss the lilacs here in GA, guess it doesn't get cold enough for the dormant period. Your cup and saucer bird feeder is cute. Enjoyed the tour.

Anonymous said...

Your garden is starting to bloom! I like your little statuettes spread all over the garden - i can see a turtle, bunny. squirrel, and and angel :-)

I also like how the bird bath is surrounded by those three trees. 'Tis the first time I saw one positioned that way.

Oh is that a tea cup I see in a stand just outside the window? Do little birds also go there and take a sip?

ellen b. said...

It's looking real good Bernideen. enjoy the dirt!

Allidink said...

Aw you keep your garden so nice! Have fun gardening :)

All the best,

Storybook Woods said...

You have such a beautiful garden. I love your sitting area. Clarice