Thursday, May 28, 2009

Taking Tea Alfresco

Time to take that tea outdoors and I have just the book to recommend for ideas.....Taking Tea With Alice! Herein lies some great suggestions for having a lovely tea event for children or adults! A Madhatter Tea Party is a blast but don't be late!
Now printed by Benjamin Press, Dawn Hylton and Diane Sedo's book has chapters with ideas for some great tea events you can pull off indoors or out! The "Looking Glass Nursery Games" give you all sorts of ideas for games for children.

I received an award at right today and want to link you to West Virginia Treasurers at and have you visit her blog. Thank you Angela for this lovely award!


parTea lady said...

Your outdoor tea table is so pretty - lovely teawares. We like to play bocce ball on the lawn instead of croquet.

Angela said...

Hey Bernideen!

I have an award waiting for you at my blog!


Linda K. said...

Love an old fashioned tea party! How sweet is your little 'Tea Time Blog'! Thank you so much for stopping by ATB

Mrs. E said...

Awww.... I love old fashioned tea parties too!!
Simply beautiful.... thanks for sharing!

Blessings~ Jen

Allidink said...

What an awesome book for kids! I am going to get it and hold onto it! I love the little figurines! I went to Disneyland the other day and rode the Alice in Wonderland ride and the Tea Cups LOL.

All the best,