Thursday, September 24, 2009

Keeping the Tea Hot!

Now that the weather is changing we are more likely to be drinking hot tea.......... A tea cozy or a tea warmer work well for keeping that tea hot! Tea cozies come in 2 types. Some just go over the top like a toaster cover and others wrap around the teapot like a nice warm blanket.
Never put a tea cozy wrapped teapot on a warmer where a a candle could set it on fire.

Warmers are great to keep your tea hot - just be sure and only use a "tea candle" and not a votive and NEVER leave unattended for a long period of time

Most of our tea cozies were made by our senior seamstress.....Bev Meller who is truly the queen of tea cozies!


My name is Riet said...

I love your teacosy's. I like the wraparounds. Yours are so lovely

Anonymous said...

I have always seen tea cozys, but I do not have one. I will have to put that on my list to make.


Lisa said...

Hi Bernideen~
I haven't been by (your blog) recently, and I must say it was so nice to swing through today, so much has changed! It's definitley fall around here, and so gorgeous! Fall is my most favorite season, I just adore the colors, and you're blog is full of so many beautiful fall things! I wish I was in Colorado, I'd stop in for sure!
Have a tea-lightful day!

Barbara said...

We would never try and keep tea hot with any kind of flame only a tea cosy as keeping it hot would spoil the flavour.

Kathy said...

Love those tea warmers! I especially like the silver. And the cozies are all so pretty, Bernideen - love that pink beaded cozy. You have the loveliest tea themed items I've ever seen, and that tea garden is to die for! Have a fabulous weekend, Bernideen.

Unknown said...

I feel cozy just looking at all the tea cozies! LOL!! They're gorgeous and I'm looking forward to warm tea sitting by the fire this winter.


parTea lady said...

Your tea cozies are lovely. My favorite is the pink with crochet teapot and the black and white toile.

Anonymous said...

Bev must be the queen because I'm looking at her creations and seeing tea cozies in a new way. I have to admit I think many of them are rather cute. This has happened lately in looking at tea blogs. I've found a lot of feminine charm in these kinds of items. --Teaternity

Lady Katherine said...

I love the tea cozy! The warmers are lovely too!