Friday, October 30, 2009

Getting some Holiday Cooking Ideas from Williams Sonoma!

Yesterday we had a small blizzard and most of the stores in Old Colorado City stayed closed. I spent the day reading behind my counter- hardly anyone came in the door.
Do you know about Chuck Williams who began his first Williams Sonoma back in 1956? There are now over 235 stores nationwide. I just got three new cookbooks that you will love:

With the holidays coming these books are wonderful! The first one here "Thanksgiving Entertaining" shows you how easy it is to bake Brie and cover it with dried fruits. You have all heard this but few of us actually do it! Easy! The book offers everything you need to know about preparing your turkey too!
There is a wonderful recipe for Cheddar Chive Biscuits you must bake! As you look inside this cookbook you will find 4 types of Thanksgiving Meals and one will be your style for sure!
The next book is "Thanksgiving"......

For a long time I have been wanting to do "Bacon Wrapped Figs" for an appetizer. I must confess to you that I have never made them but herein are all the directions.
And have you ever made a steamed pudding? The instructions show you how to make Steamed Cranberry Pudding and homemade Rum Brandy Ice Cream...I have an old antique ice cream maker in the basement so this is timely!

This cookbook also has recipes for 4 dressings and some lovely stuffed mushrooms with crab and almonds. These caught my eye for sure!

The last book is "Christmas" and also has a steamed pudding with the same instructions. This one is Persimmon Cranberry Pudding! Also, another stuffed mushroom recipe for an appetizer.
After spending the day flipping the pages of these 3 cookbooks - I highly recommend them for the holidays!


Martha said...

I do like the WS books -- don't have those particular ones, though. Nothing like reading holiday books when it snows!

Wanda Lee said...

Dear Bernideen

Living , as my husband and I do in a Northern climate, I can certainly relate to blizzards and snow!.., We run a B. & B. in Halifax, Nova Scotia , Canada, ( about an hour away from Boston, Mass. via plane)..,

Because we are virtually an island , surrounded by water, and the Gulf Stream skirts around our coastline waters, we do not usually have snow this early; (in fact, although we have lovely Fall colors, the leaves just 20 minutes away in downtown Halifax, are in some cases still green..,

You may tour our bed and breakfast if you get a spare few moments; at

~I agree that those recipes look absolutely wonderful, and oh so tasty!.., I do have the Williams-Sonoma Christmas and Thanksgiving cookbook and I love all of the wonderful recipes..,

I've looked at the wonderful pictures and recipes numerous times and have made the cranberry relish.., I must dust off that lovely cook book and actually try more of the delicious recipes therein!..,

By the way, I absoluetly adore your web site!

Do feel welcome to pop by to my blogs sometime if you would like..,

Cheers from silken Purse