Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Harvest Time Decorating

Don't we just love the colors of fall! A lady told me this week she wants fall colors in heaven!

I love getting my decorations out early but by Thanksgiving I am ready to move on..........
We have snow coming in tonight so we will be firing up our woodstove for sure!

I don't know if it is cold yet where you live but the top of Pikes Peak has a fresh layer of snow!


Mrs. E said...

Lovely harvest time is SO wonderful!
*sigh* Pop over to "Blessed Femina"
and you will find a handy dandy pot
holder tutorial perfect for hot- simmering
pots of tea!!!! :)

Love~ Miss Jen

Lorna said...

It is cool, but not cold here in Oregon.
Love your decorating!
My sister and I will be hosting an autumn tea party this Saturday. Hoping it will be fun and share our love for others.
God bless!