Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tea Quote

From 365 Things Every Tea Lover Should Know:
This is a unique tea quote: Want your feet to smell fresh? Tea is a natural astringent and the tannic acid will help kill bacteria. Soak your feet in black tea for great results.


ellen b. said...

What a fun porch scene. Off to go soak my feet :0)

Carolyn said...

Now there is something I never would have guessed.
I love your door mat.


parTea lady said...

Thats a good tip. I certainly wouldn't have thought of that, although I have used teabags to refresh my eyes.

I've been admiring all the lovely things in your giveaway again and can't wait for the draw.

Mary said...

Oh, I do love your "scarecrow"! She is divine!

And the tea for soaking feet...who would have thought of that? Another reason for me to love tea!


Anonymous said...

My breath never smells bad because of all the tea I drink. So I know it'll work for the feet too. Tea really makes a person pleasant and presentable. --Teaternity