Thursday, April 29, 2010


IF YOU COLLECT TEA SETS....chances are that you have some sets that aren't complete.  Maybe you have contacted a replacement china company and filled in a tea set with some needed piece.

Many years ago in Burlington, Iowa - a friend gave me these dishes which are Homer Laughlin. Who doesn't love magnolias!
With 4cups and saucer, I thought I would eventually find another dessert plate (I have 3)  I also have 4 luncheon plates and soup bowls)  I am sure the dessert plate is out there....somewhere!  I have seen the same pattern but in PINK! I would LOVE TO FIND A TEAPOT, CREAM AND SUGAR!
Here I have put the dishes with a Johnson Brother's Coffee Pot!
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I think the hook that always SNAGGED ME was that usually an incomplete set is relatively INEXPENSIVE!  I imagine...if you love tea sets as I HAVE SOME OF THESE TOO?


ellen b. said...

Ha! do I? lots of incompletes for sure. I love to mix and match...

Martha said...

I have several sets of threes or fives or sevens! And yes, it is because they are inexpensive and you just know that you'll find what's missing! Alas, I've not been able to -- even on Replacements!

But I use them for teas for two or three, four or five, or six or seven and they work and work well! No one need to know that I couldn't serve four, six or eight but me!!!!

I've seen that pattern too and I think in your red but I can't remember where!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I do have some. Not a lot..but some. Do I need more? Of course I do! You wonderful inspiring person you! :)

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I tend to pick up cups and saucers and tea pots because i like the pattern and when, by chance, I stumble upon another matching piece......the thrill and excitement is pure heaven! I guess it is what they call the thrill of the hunt!
Beautiful complete set by the way!


Marilyn Miller said...

A pretty set. I think I would just enjoy it the way it is and mix and match with other things. That can be so fun.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I have mix and matched tea sets, of all shapes and sizes. Mostly from England, lots of old patterns, especially Staffordshire blue.
I continue to add to them, couldn't pick a favorite if I tried, I love them all.
Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment, I'm off for a little visit with your older posts right now.
I used to live in Colorado Springs, and enjoyed the State tremendously.

Lady Katherine said...

I love this pattern! I also love the teapot, I have one creamer which matches the teapot. How I would love to find the teapot and a sugar bowl.I hope you find your lovely dishes soon. Maybe someone out there has a few and would love for you to complete your set!

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

I have the green ones - LOVE your teapot/coffee pot by Johnson Brothers in the Rose - I have many of those dishes...LOVE them! I love dishes...they make me smile! Did you join us on our new Teacup Thursday??!! I am off now to enjoy a cup of tea in my Thursday selection...


Sarah said...

I don't have but two tea sets, but I do have a few tea pots. :-)
Love to mix things up, so I like the idea of incomplete sets.

Martha said...

Bernideen --

I feel honored to be listed under Tea Time Blogs!!!! Thank you!

Now for a cuppa and a nosh!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I collect orphan teacups & saucers as well as teapots. Most tend to match each other since I like the same floral designs (colors varying).

I must admit to being rather obsessive about teacups and teapots, though. :)

Sherry from Alabama said...

I think I'm attacted to them because they are like me...not all together. :) Love your pink pretties. Hope you have a happy PS

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Bernideen,
What a pretty set! I hope you can find more pieces for it! I love the Rose Chintz coffee pot, which of course you already know. I have one and it is in my header picture. Actually, I have many pieces of this delightful pattern, thanks to my sweet auntie. Thank you for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday to you. Hope to see you on Tuesday for Tea Time. Have a lovely weekend.


VictorianDecorShop said...

Very Beautiful! I love the mix, I also have some odds and ends. Looks like magnolias on the ones with the bold red rim. Is the porcelain american made? I'm glad I found your blog, you have delightful posts.
Thank you,