Friday, October 29, 2010


Over the past few months I have been working on the idea of developing some Historic Teas for my store in Old Colorado City!
I finally have them done and want to share about them!

Dr. James Garvin's Cabin is here in Bancroft Park.  It is restored log cabin which was his office in 1862.  It was also used for meetings when Old Colorado City was the capitol of the Territory.
This Orange Spice Tea is good for whatever ails you!

Mrs. Templeton came here by covered wagon.  The Templeton Home sits here as a reminder of the Victorian era.  After building a mill, her husband built a huge brick commercial building here which houses many businesses today. The Templeton Home is around the corner and still is a lovely Victorian.  This is a lovely Wild Strawberry Tea and the smell is WONDERFUL!

Now let me tell you about "Thunder"and "Buttons" who were two elk.  A very infamous man named Prairie Dog O'Byrne would would hitch them up to his buggy and race them up and down Colorado Avenue - yes, it was crazy back in those wild west days!  This Winter Spice Tea would calm your nerves after a ride in that carriage!

And lastly, Queen Palmer was the wife of General Palmer who founded Colorado Springs. She did not live here long as she had a bad heart and did not feel well in the high altitude.  Her home which is known as  "the castle" is a few miles from here nestled  next to the mountains.  She died in England at the young age of thirty.  This English Rose Tea reminds us of her love for England.

The teas are 4 oz loose for $9.95
 Ring up our store at 719-447-8844

BYA:  Yes - information about the history is on the back with instructions!


Kom Achterom said...

ooh nice tea!
love the old look of it!
beautiful photo
happy weekend

parTea lady said...

Congrats on your line of Historic Teas. I love the labels - is the history on the back? All four of the teas sound delicious.

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Hi Bernideen,
what a nice idea to dedicate all those historical figures a special tea. I am sure they had loved the idea as well as the tea mixture.
Greetings, Johanna