Thursday, November 4, 2010


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Over the last few years I have shown every tea cup and saucer I own on this blog (and my earlier Wordpress Blog).  I have hit ROCK TEACUP BOTTOM so to speak.  Isn't it fun collecting them?  I don't get out much to antique shops like the old days - I seem to have "enough" -   but I still love them dearly!

please visit Miss Spenser's Blog to see others who participate in this lovely day!

I also want to show off these cute "Divas of the Forest" Red Hatters who came by my store day:

Sadly, I had taken a photo of Walt and Janet Allbrook on their 59th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY but somehow I lost the photo when I was downloading it into my computer.  I am so sad about that!  If I find it I will put it here!  I apologize Walt and Janet!  Happy 59th just the same!


Carolyn said...

You have such pretty dishes!


Johanna Gehrlein said...

Hi Bernideen,
it is always a pleasure to see your tea cups. And I am sure that I haven't seen all your tea cups yet because I came late to your blog. But I discovered here on your blog, how different tea cups can look when they are decorated with different things around the year. So please don't stop to show your treasures.
Gretings, Johanna

parTea lady said...

Your teacups are all lovely. I especially like the brown with the pheasant pattern - perfect for Thanksgiving.