Monday, September 10, 2012


Saturday my farming friends from Swink, Colorado pulled up in front of my store with a load of vegetables and fruits.  For several years now - we barter.  They have veggies and I have "tea stuff".
This trip brought cucumbers, 2 kinds of squash, peppers, 4 large pumpkins for my back yard, watermelon, cantaloupes, apples, peaches and onions.  My kitchen looks like a vegetable stand - well actually I took a bunch of stuff to our neighbors as how much can two people eat?
  I was told these were "mild"  jalapenos and wanted to make stuffed peppers.  A while back I Googled a number of recipes and decided to keep this simple.

Earlier in evening I had gone to the grocery to pick up a few things and noticed the same 2 orphan hollyhocks on the side of the road loaded with seeds.  I did what all lovers of gardening do - I jumped out of my Honda and "gathered" some seeds.  Of course, stripping off the seeds, I got a few scratches on my fingers.  Can you guess what  I'm about to talk about?

As I cleaned and prepared the medium large peppers - my hands were on fire.  Actually, my nose began running - burning and my fingers were burning.  Were these actually "MILD"????  Remove all the seeds and clean them inside well.  The reason they roast peppers is to take the HOT out but I was just going to "bake" these.  I have heard that the weather has a lot to do with how hot the peppers this true?

 (these below are not baked yet)

In a large bowl, I combined 12 ozs softened cream cheese, 1 1/2 cups of cheddar cheese and  1/2 cup of diced pimentos and 1/4 cup of diced jalapeno.   This stuffed 13 peppers for me and I put fried diced bacon on top of the ones above. I BAKED THESE at 375 degrees for 45 minutes.

Late notes:  After speaking with a gal from NEW MEXICO today, I have some more tips - my jalapenos should have stayed in the oven 20 more minutes - that is one total hour until crispy. Green chilies and  jalapenos are NOT THE SAME THING.  She said jalapenos are hotter. She told me not to chop up any to put in the cheeses. She said she only uses cream cheese and wraps a piece of bacon around them.


Terra said...

The peppers look delicious, and I hope your poor hands cooled down quickly. How nice you and your friends do barter and you get yummy produce from them.

Sylvia said...

These look very yummy but I'm not a hot and spicy girl, my hubby would love them.

Cotton Peony said...

Oh the idea or putting cream cheese and bacon around it.. oh holy cow.. this could be a great app for a party indeed. Yums, thanks for the idea

warm hugs

Cotton Peony

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Yum! Those look so good! Veggies look great in photographs! I love spicy food and those would be a treat. Hope your poor fingers have cooled off by now!


Susan said...

I bet they made for a wonderful snack watching football--warming everyone with the chill in the air. XOXO

Sarah said...

Maybe not, but it looks delicious!
Congratulations on the feature in Romantic Homes! ;-)

janice15 said...

They look lovely and I would love to try them...They could be for Tea...maybe with some savory biscuits...Happy Tuesday with love Janice