Saturday, November 16, 2013



Anonymous said...

Happy Sunday to you, Bernideen! I love your rabbit friend in the picture!

Angela McRae said...

Just beautiful!

Lady Linda said...

Lovely Sunday thought. I also enjoyed reading about your finds and decorating. I am anxious to get going too. I always like to get it up early to enjoy as I do a St Nicholas thing on the 6th and my birthday is the 8th.
Love ya

Michele said...

I just love your devotional sundays, Bernideen!

Yes I finally finally finally remember to use "our" china in a post. I completely forgot all last year - my first year blogging, and this year I was determined and danged near missed it again.

Life gets crazy in the fall for me, my busiest all year for a million reasons.

Glad you enjoyed. Hugs.