Monday, November 30, 2009


My favorite place in Colorado was featured in the second edition of the original Victoria magazine.  I somehow missed the first edition but started my subscription with the winter 87/88 issue.  It featured Georgetown, Colorado and the beautiful Victorian houses there.........

I love the movie that John Denver made
there which brought interest to the little town:

This photo is of one of the pages
in the magazine:

Who doesn't love  Uncle Bud and the Buzy Bee Cab Company. This movie is hard to find...and this is an old video...but I highly recommend it!  I think it is out
now in DVD and we enjoy it at Christmas.


  1. What a wonderful post, I love the pictures.

    Have a great Monday.



  2. I will have to hunt for that one. I love all the Victoria magazines too!


  3. Ooh, I have that issue and will have to go look up that story! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Hi Bernideen, I've missed a few visits and just had to tell you how BEAUTIFUL your store front is!!!
    It must be such fun decorating for the holidays.
    I'm with you on the Christmas thoughts. Giving God the glory and celebrating the Savior's birth. So no happy holidays here- but a big ol' MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  5. Yes, you are luck to live there. Thanks for sharing this delightful post. ~ Sarah

  6. Oh we use to visit Georgetown every November when we would be in Colorado for Thanksgiving. My in-laws lived near Denver and Georgetown was so fun to visit, just beautiful.

  7. I loved all the Victoria magazine volumes! Such beautiful photography and articles. I especially loved Nancy Lindemeyer's column. I surely miss that magazine!

  8. Hi Bernideen, I seem to have missed that issue and the houses look so lovely. Maybe you could post a few of the images so we could take a peek inside ;-).
    I hope you're staying warm.

    xoxo Cori


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