Friday, January 3, 2020


For quite a few years, 
I have been doing yearly reviews
with links to some of my posts.

Last year I didn't post much but
let's do a review just the same.  This
post was called 

I hope I can do a better job of posting this 
year.  I am retired and that means I should 
have all kinds of time, right?  I seem to
just fill my life up with so many things.

my favorite time to share violet china:

Here in Missouri it also means spring
starts to stir a bit which is always good news.
  I realize that's not true for everyone.
  It seems to be the advantage of living
 where summers are very hot.
A post from March:

 in May:

As the summer moved along I
enjoyed many hours outside and
for me - I got a real suntan which 
was shocking.  I loved it when the
hollyhocks came up around our
mailbox.  I had to learn not to
water them as that causes yellow
which included my Grandson 
graduating from high school!

Some sweet Home School
Moms came to use my 
downstairs tearoom in September:



Looking at that photo above amazes
 me even now as I see I had hydrangeas
 blooming in November!

And for my last month of December I
want thank all of you who have followed
my blog and leave comments.
I hope to post more often in 2020 -
let's see if I can at least try harder!


  1. What a lovely review!

    Hydrangea in November! That's amazing. I love seeing your tea posts and garden posts!

  2. What a fabulous year it was! Here's looking forward to 2020 - and a whole host of beautiful posts! Love your blog, Bernideen.

  3. Bernideen, your year in review is so delightful and uplifting this time
    of year. All the beautiful flowers that I so much enjoy seeing and
    a few of your favorite tea settings. Thank you. I have been reading
    your blog since I found you thru Laura Child's books and you were in
    Colorado. Lynn

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous post, and thanks for the tip on the Hollyhocks, we had so much rain last year, and the fungus was terrible...I will have to add some sand there maybe for drainage. I planted a bunch of seeds last year, that started, I'm hoping they will bring some new color as mine were all white last year! Hugs, and I know what you mean about posting---! Living gets in the way!

  5. What a lovely review Bernideen. I enjoyed seeing your lovely garden and china dishes.
    I didn't know that overwatering Hollyhocks causes fungus. Thanks for the tip.

  6. Amazing review!Always a pleasure stopping by!Hugs!

  7. What a wonderful year filled with tea and flowers. Your tea presentations are lovely. I would be honored to be a guest at one of your teas. If only I lived closer.


  8. What a great year it was for all who enjoyed it with you. Your yard did win Yard Of The Month !!! or I would say yard of the year.

    You are a great artist baker and friend

    Happy Birthday also next Thursday

  9. Love your review. I had the same teacup you show in July and just broke the cup. I can't find a name on the bottom of the saucer to search for a cup. Would love knowing the maker and name.
    Thanks for sharing your beauty of tea and gardens. They are all the things I love too.

  10. A lovely review, Bernideen. It's nice to look back and enjoy posts from the past year. I haven't done that yet. Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. Love your posts, Bernideen, so I'm glad you're going to be continuing. I've been blogging every week like clockwork for ten years, but just decided to start out Year Number Eleven posting every OTHER week to give me more time for some other things that need my attention.


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