Monday, March 30, 2015

EASTER TABLE for "Friends Sharing Tea"

Springtime doesn't come everywhere at the same time.  Sometimes it arrives in Colorado and then seems to go away.  Last year it snowed on Mother's Day.  I had planted some foxgloves as I do love them and had to put boxes over the tops of them.  Yes, it worked.  Who knows what this year holds in store!  This morning I am sharing some Easter decorations for Friends Sharing Tea.

Spring is just the right time for all the pretty pastel things and Easter time items.  

I would like to share that I met another blogger on Saturday who came into my shop.  It was Deborah Montgomery from 
 The Beautiful Matters and it was delightful to meet her!

I apologize for being on the run this morning and 
not being terribly wordy:

I am sharing a new topper with this fun tulip embroidery which looks like something made in the l960's.  I am also sharing assorted teacups in spring colors.

Please forgive me for using roses instead of tulips which would
 have been better but these were only $1.95:

Late note: I sold the teapot sitting on the black pansy tin!

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Monday, March 23, 2015

SPRING DECORATING for "Friends Sharing Tea"

Welcome to my weekly blog party where each week we celebrate our love for tea in our homes.  This is your invitation to share the way you enjoy the art of tea, baking, collecting or anything about your love of tea time:

There are so many flowers that represent spring and tulips are among the first.  There are also daffodils, lilacs, violets, pansies, hyacinths, crocus and many other bulbs, etc.  Like so many, I had some fun pulling out some of my spring decorations and linens for today's post.  Last year after the summer I found these two wonderful old pansy tins that I think may have been used for sewing supplies:

I have been following the weather and patterns of snow hitting the New England coast lately and going straight up to our blogging friends on Prince Edward Island.  I always imagine this big dump there at the end of the storms last stand.  I feel a little guilty saying we have had some really lovely spring weather.  Yesterday my husband and I left town and enjoyed a nice lunch and time relaxing.

As we look across town we see the mountain range and realize that we do still have plenty of snow up there on Pike's Peak. The Peak has an elevation of 14,000 feet.

There were some little daffodils blooming in my backyard so I picked a few for this little vase.

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Monday, March 16, 2015

SHARING A PANSY BEAUTY for "Friends Sharing Tea"

Good morning dear blogging friends and
 welcome to "Friends Sharing Tea".

A couple weekends back we went on a buying trip and I found some wonderful cups and saucers at a really good price to sell at my shop.  After putting them out to sell, I immediately sold three because they were hand painted and really old and perfect.  I did keep this pansy one which is a  Paragon which as you know is stamped by appointment to the Queen.

  It is hand painted and lovely.  I am not usually drawn to the style with the design in the cup but the moment I laid my eyes on this one - I was in love!

and hand painted:

Today is "Friends Sharing Tea" which means that you are invited to participate if you are a tea blogger.  I am also sharing a couple little books I adore.  Aren't we ready for spring?

And a precious Victorian Valentine:

We are having some incredibly warm weather here in Colorado and the bulbs are popping out of the ground.  I am not sure how this is going to work if we still get some snow this spring which is what usually happens.   Even last year we had some snow in early May.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who participate in this weekly blog party.  

I hope your week is lovely and you take time to enjoy some tea! I will be sharing at other blog parties:

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

TURNING GREEN for "Friends Sharing Tea"

This week I am sharing some green things since St. Patrick's Day is just ahead on March 17th. Of course, we think green when we remember a St. Patrick's Day tea experience so I set a little table for you. Please take a seat and do pour yourself a cup of tea.  

Our local market had shamrock plants.  I also found a couple St. Patrick's Day vintage postcards for $1.00.  The lady postcard is from 1910.  I don't have much that reflects St. Patrick's Day but I managed to pull a few green items together. 

From the book "365 Things Every Tea Lover Should Know":
In the early days when tea was very expensive, it was kept under lock and key and in the parlor where the lady of the house could keep watch of it.

All our snow has melted down - well maybe a little pile here or there in the shade.  Our spring comes quite late here so we could still have more snow.  This is a pillow I recently made using a very old vintage piece that was a basket with pansies:

I recently found this sheet music.  Would you like me to sing this?  Not, to worry, we won't go there.

I've shared my little Japanese Cottage teapot and other pieces along with 2 English Bone China Cups and Saucers:

This is my weekly blog party and if you are a tea blogger - I would love to have you link at the bottom.  I always participate in other blog parties as well:

Monday, March 2, 2015

TWO SADLER'S for "Friends Sharing Tea"

Welcome to Friends Sharing tea which is my weekly blog party about about our love of tea time!

I recently found another Brown Betty "looking" 
Sadler teapot while out flea and  antiquing.  I already had one with a pink band of flowers but now I have this one which has green:

I love their casual style.

I also found these little figurines which I adore.  They remind me of George and Martha Washington.

Having watched Downton Abbey earlier (DVD's) my husband and I enjoyed watching two seasons of Mr. Selfridge and also the second season of The Paradise.  There is a lot of food for thought in the BBC series.  I couldn't help but be reminded today of Delphine,
 a character in Mr. Selfridge who really didn't turn out to be a true friend to Rose.
 While Delpine posed herself as a friend she had other motives behind the scenes.
 The cup and saucer are marked "Delphine" - in fact I think I have a couple of  "Delphine" cups and saucers and while I may love these I wasn't impressed with her at all!   Do you think she was a real friend?  No way!

I am home sewing today and enjoying making some things for my shop.  It is cold but the sun is out and the snow will probably melt later this week.  Are you keeping busy this winter?

I hope you have a lovely week:  March is finally here and that's something to celebrate!  We are happy to be passing through a bit of a crisis.  My husband has had hives for 6 weeks but is finally improving.  Thank you Lord!