Friday, October 30, 2015


These are the special features from earlier
 this week on "Friends Sharing Tea".  Most of you know that I have "Friends Sharing Tea" or "Tea In The Garden" according to the season we are in and also the weather.  I have been picking 5 participants each week and trying to spread the features around. 
 I am a little early because new replacement windows
 are going in at our house as we speak!

 lovely tea cups and also her DIY Pink Pumpkin

 next week and it will be much more widespread! 
(just click here above for her information)
 I think that is a great idea.  Here is her new logo:

#2  featured blog is Michele's "The Nest at Finch Rest" where she shared an autumn patio tea:

#3 Carolyn shared some of her Red Transferware pieces

#4  Fabby's Living shared her interior design changes for the season and her lovely Colough Cup and Saucer:

#5  Karee at The Vintage Chateau showed her recent find, an Old Chelsea gravy boat that matches her Wedgwood China:

All the features were wonderful!

As you already know, a tea blog party can be rather limiting because not everyone loves tea like some of us do!  Not everyone has a tea post each week.  Some people love to bake and cook but don't get into tea.  Some people just love to garden or sew or craft or other hobbies.  So I am joining other bloggers who have blog parties and I too am EXPANDING my blog party to be more inclusive!

Here is my new logo (smaller below) for my weekly blog
 party which is just the same as the expanded name of my blog.    Feel free to copy this one below and post it 
with other logos on your blog!

  This party will continue with our passion for tea but also cottage (home) and our love for gardening.  That means about anything really: baking and cooking, tablescapes,  tea, sewing, hobbies, pets, travel, tea rooms, gardening, collecting, crafts, DIY, etc.
  This starts Monday! No more "Friends Sharing Tea" or "Tea in the Garden"

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Recently I made a new friend.  He comes to my garden every day.  His name is "Chappie" and he loves to just hang out here:

As you can see Chappie doesn't know this is for birds!

Chappie reminds me of a cat we had years ago in Texas who would suddenly bite you.....not hard but unpredictable.

When not in my garden, he lives somewhere
 on the street behind us....

Have a great Thursday!
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Monday, October 26, 2015

FINDING TREASURES for "Friends Sharing Tea"

I can hardly believe October is almost over!  Where does time go?  And friends, I can hardly believe I am telling you this but we are still waiting to get the replacement windows put in at our house.   Hopefully they will be put in later this week.  Last week it was raining on the day scheduled.  Life requires patience.  

This morning I am sharing a few treasures we found yesterday while out antiquing.  It was a beautiful day so we drove up to Denver.  I was looking for one last old wind up alarm clock for my mantle display I will be doing for a New Year's mantle/2016.  I looked back at Jann's blog "Have A Daily Cup of Mrs Olson" so I could show you her idea last year which I plan to copy for a whimsical mantle.  Isn't she clever.  Whimsy isn't for everyone but I think it will be fun!

I also found this very old Victorian compote and in my mind I see cookies in it at Christmas on the buffet or mounded with whipped cream or trifle or ?????

And since this is after all a tea related blog party - how do you like this old cup and saucer I found yesterday?

During the winter months I plan to sew in the basement.  I wonder if you know how things have changed in terms of the cost of fabric and really the unavailability of 100% wool.  Back in the day when I sewed a lot it was everywhere but now what you see is blends and cotton.  If you do find wool it is incredibly expensive.  I have found you can find these old Pendleton throws and others from Scotland and Ireland inexpensively and they are 100% WOOL!  Besides using them as throws for warmth you can cut them up and use them in sewing projects!!!  If a throw has holes you can pick it up cheap and I mark the holes with large safety pins and cut around them.

The quality of this fabric below is incredible!

My last treasure is the beautiful white LACE vintage tablecloth!

I hope you have enjoyed my treasures and you can now join in the fun of this blog party below and of course I am joining others:
Tea Time Tuesday
Tuesday Cuppa Tea
A Return to Loveliness

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Saturday, October 24, 2015


I think that if we had known all
 the things we
 would have to learn in life it
 would have 
scared us to death - especially in regard 
to using a computer!

Here are my features from my "Friends Sharing Tea"
 Blog Party 10/19:

#1 was Nancy's blog "Rosemary's Sampler" which is the blog of the Sweet Remembrance's Tea Room in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania and features her Catherine the Great Afternoon Tea:

#2 was Margie's blog "Tea In the Valley" where she shared a Celebration of Women's Rights!

#3 was JoAnn's "Scene Through My Eyes" blog where she shared her Pinecone Teaset:

#4 was "Parsimonious Decor Darling" and a wonderful layered Autumn table setting:

and lastly #5 was "Mon Petit Chou Chou" which is the blog of Jocelyne a former customer who I ran
into this week at a local antique mall:

I hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 22, 2015


I think I have too much time on my hands this week because I have been baking up a storm.  I saw Ina Garten's recipe on face book yesterday and went right to the kitchen.  We had a basket of apples that needed to be used for something.

This was the smaller of 2 tarts that I made. (larger one now in the freezer)  Ina's recipe called for using a large baking sheet but I used a 4 x 12 tart pan and an 8 x 10 tart pan.  These were the type with removable bottoms.

Click - Here is the recipe so you can make your own:
Ina uses a large baking sheet where as I made 2 using
 French Tart Pans!

We were supposed to get new windows today but rain is forecast so we shall see.  If this is canceled again we wait 1 1/2 more weeks.  The Lord is teaching me a lesson in patience!  Furniture and everything else is pulled away from every window in the house in a "holding pattern".  We will be waiting though - raining like crazy here!
Have a lovely weekend!
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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Early in the week I baked this bread and it makes a total of 3 loaves so 2 went in the freezer:

This was before they were glazed:

Here is the recipe:

This Ellsgreave teapot was a recent bargain find:

Hope your week is going well!
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Monday, October 19, 2015

IT'S A LITTLE GIRL'S TEA for "Friends Sharing Tea"

Welcome to "Friends Sharing Tea" and a 
little girl's tea in the garden:  this is my childhood bride doll "Sweet Sue" which I had restored about 22 years ago.

I am a great fan of Beatrix Potter so today's tea has a theme:

Last year we had already had snow by this time (and the year before that) so we are happily enjoying a longer fall this year.

A while back somewhere on an antiquing journey I found this darling vintage linen set with embroidery
 and applique doggies on it and 4 little napkins.  See how the napkin just fits right in:

This is my weekly blog party today so I hope you will share a tea related post as the bottom if you are a blogger.

 We thought we were going to be getting new windows in our house last week - but guess what?  False alarm......they don't come until later this week.  That means we have everything piled up away from the windows everywhere.  Can you see why I'm happy to be outside today?

The little doll with the green hat below is porcelain and I got her in Toronto, Canada back in the 1980's:

I hope your fall is lovely and you have a great week!  I always love sharing at these other blog parties:
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