Monday, June 29, 2009


Just a few photos of my drive to work - the Garden of the Gods rock formations are just a mile or two from my store.......

As I leave my house everyday,  this is the view driving 
down from Briargate.  Over by the
mountains is Garden of the Gods.

Monday, June 22, 2009


New stepping stones on the left corner of my back yard lead to a restful respite! I have also planted new herbs to replace those that were annuals and those that didn't make it last winter....

Whose tail is that going into the lilies?

My neighbor's momma cat "Bella" had a
kitten who is visiting us. 
This morning early in the garden.....

This is my new right side as I look out from the house....almost done..I might do a little more digging to the left. I had moved the large clump of lavender from the side of the house. It should smell delightful here when it blooms.........later I will join everything
in the middle and do the sides.  I am a
working gal so this could take a while.

These are the clumps of grass waiting for their turn in the composter - Martha Stewart addressed this very thing in her magazine this month! She tells the ways to dig out a garden - I prefer this method: Dig under the grass and get rid of it all - put in new enriched dirt! The horrible roots you see are from the infamous cottonwood trees growing in the greenbelt behind our house and running all under our lawn...booo!

I am getting ready for my garden tea party in three weeks...will keep you posted......lots more to do to get ready!