Friday, September 27, 2013


Lately I have been viewing all the different types of pumpkins many bloggers have been sewing.  There have been so many fantastic styles:  bright fall colors and shades of orange, country style plaids, glitzy - sparkly ones, black and white themed ones, some made from sweaters, woodland ones, natural looking ones, Victorian fufu lace ones and everything else in between!  

 I decided I wanted some vintage looking ones but in white shabby chic soft colors to match my kitchen buffet.  I used white burlap (like the pillows I made before) which I sewed the crochet pieces over with an underlining of an old sheet I cut up.  (another wards 3 layers on each section piece)

This is a good way to use up those crochet tablecloths with the holes in them as you just cut up small pieces and a tablecloth goes a long way toward lots of projects!!!  At the top - I used pieces of this and that and after making the first one (not shown) I decided to keep the seams on the outside of the pumpkin.  The first one I made I had them inside and didn't like it.

Here is the last smaller one I finished this morning. It has a tiny peach rosebud lace hanky at the top and I am using it on the dining room table:

What ever your style - there are some pumpkins waiting for you in your sewing area!!!   The only supply I purchased for mine was the polyfill.  This is also a fun way to use up old crochet doilies, linens, hankies, etc that Grandmother made and really aren't doing much good in the drawer somewhere!

Thursday, September 26, 2013


It's a beautiful day today so I took a few moments to stop at the Colorado Springs Xeriscape Garden!

 I am sorry I didn't take the time to give you the names 
of the plants that grow here without watering!

I was very surprised to see American Bittersweet!

A nice place for this bunny to live:

I hope you are enjoying the beauty of God's Creation too!
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Monday, September 23, 2013

A NEW TEA CUP for "Friends Sharing Tea"

Read this my dears, and you will see
how to make a nice cup of tea
take teapot to kettle, not t'other way round
and when you hear that whistling sound
pour a little in the pot
just to make it nice and hot.
Pour that out and put in the tea,
loose or in bags, your choice you see.
One bag for each two cups will do
with one extra bag to make a fine brew
Steep 3-5 minutes then pour a cup.
Then sit right down and drink it up!

Patricia Winchester, Afternoon Tea
from 365 Things Every Tea Lover Should Know

Before it started to rain and hail yesterday, it was a beautiful day. In the afternoon, Hubby and I decided to go for a ride and ended up at a favorite antique mall in Denver.  I found my 2nd Shelley Tea Cup above called "Rosebud".  It was $14.00 which I knew I couldn't pass up!  As you probably know, Shelley's are considered like the "top of the line" teacups.

Who can understand how we could have drought all summer and now so much rain.  There is snow on Pikes Peak today since the rain becomes snow at 14,000 feet. We are enjoying the cooler temperatures and the ability to wear a sweater or light jacket and be very comfortable.

I also am sharing my Dubarry Spode Coffee, Cream and Sugar below that I found earlier in the summer sitting on top my Mother In Law's mirror.  I believe it came from her German parents.

Have you found any new treasures lately?  Perhaps you would like to join my blog party by sharing something you found or anything about tea!   Just link at the bottom and it is nice when you include a link to me on your post!

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


This week I have been able to make some Tote Purses from burlap fabric accented with vintage linens, doilies and antique button closures.  I find this is a great way to use up some of these old vintage pieces with holes in them - you just cut them up and use the good parts!  Also - when there is a big stain on something that can't be removed.  I am sharing some of the Tote Purses here:

You don't really need a pattern for this - just determine the size of the purse you want to make and of course that becomes the same size plus add 1 inch  more to allow for 1/2" seams on each side. You cut the lining the same way. 

  I also put a pocket inside on the lining for pens or lipstick, etc.  Sometimes I used old vintage hankies for the pocket part.  You cut a  5" strip across the fabric and then cut in half for the handles which are attached at each side. The lining is attached right sides together and turned inside out.  If you are an experienced sewer this all makes sense. Otherwise, patterns are out there!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"OWL" INVITE YOU FOR "Friends Sharing Tea"

As many of you know, last week we got as much rain in one week as we usually get in a year.  Wet - wet - wet was the best description I could give.  Yesterday it was 58 degrees out and damp and drizzling most of the day.  I am sure you have heard or seen on television about the flooding in our state.  I am so glad we have had no personal issues.  I hope I can get back out doors sometime soon for another Tea In The Garden setting after all this raining stops but for now I need to just switch over to "Friends Sharing Tea" which is my fall/winter blog party.  

"OWL" Invite you for tea:

 And look "whooooo" came to our tea time.  I saw him first through the kitchen window and thought "OWL's an owl for tea"! 

 I know that's silly!  He's the biggest bird I've ever had come to my bird feeder.  Actually - I think he was looking for something other than bird seed - maybe someone furry to eat and wouldn't you know - squirrels aren't the brightest little critters.

Come sit here by the window!
We will be drinking a nice cup of hot Yorkshire Gold Tea!  Yesterday I did some baking and made homemade chicken vegetable soup for dinner and to freeze. Would you like a Pumpkin Cookie?  I have the recipe RIGHT HERE if you like!  I always freeze some of these for later and I have some to share with friends. My bittersweet and pine cone tea set you have seen before.

Some of you are still able to have tea in your garden this week and we all look forward to seeing that.  I want to thank all of you who participate in my blog party each week by linking and by commenting!  I wish I had more time to feature some of you each week.

A big fat Owl flew down for tea
His head turned all around.
A Squirrel watched him fearlessly
But stayed down on the ground.

"Could I have a spot of tea"
The wise Owl said to him.
"Why sure" the Squirrel whispered back
Trying to pretend....

You see, the Owl might we wiser
But this Squirrel's not so dumb - 
For if Owl gets any closer
This Squirrel's gonna RUN! 

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Lovely hot tea is perfect for this cooler weather.  We have been using our furnace now at night.  I went through all my tea to check the dates on the tins and did have to toss some.  Old spices and old teas need to go!  I hope you can link below with your tea post:

Friday, September 13, 2013


It started raining early Wednesday and rained all day and night and more on Thursday afternoon.   After running errands Wednesday, putting a roast in the crock pot and baking a chocolate cake, it was time to face my sewing area in the basement and reorganize things.  No "where I create" pictures here because it is not a fashionable sight but I did organize it! Then I filled one entire file cabinet with files about sewing, crafts, gardening, canning and shabby chic.    

On Thursday morning I moved on to the real plan which was to make some pillows in a shabby chic style using vintage white burlap yardage and cut up vintage linens, crochet and hankies for a softer "winter" look on my old Victorian sofa. 

 I made 6 large pillows and 4 smaller ones with vintage doilies, hankies, etc sewn on them for my larger sofa.  I am pleased with the end result.  It continues to rain!

I have to tell you that I went to Joann Fabrics this week and was shocked at this mega place with crafts, florals, painting supplies, framing and everything imaginable.  I didn't know they had become so widespread in products and I was most impressed.  If you love to make things - this is the place to visit.

Late note Saturday morning:  We have had more rain in a few days than we normally get an entire year.  There is massive flooding in many places but we personally have no issues - thankful!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Don't you love it when fall comes and fruit and vegetable stands are loaded with their produce?  Today we have a weather change - it will only be in the 60's and this means a big drop in temperature!  September is here and soon the leaves will be changing.  

As you can see, the Queen Anne's Lace is going to seed.

I've been pulling out my fall cookbooks and files and making baking plans.  Doesn't an Apple Pound Cake sound wonderful or some Fall Harvest Muffins.  We love the smell of wonderful things baking in the kitchen........ah........and so do you!

I have set up a little tea time quickly as we
 are also expecting some rain today too.
It is quite overcast but we can still
take a few moments for a cup of tea
and nibble on a blueberry muffin.

Summer has come and gone in a flash -
so gather your flowers before the fall blast
Turn on your oven and pull out some tea
Fall colors scream "welcome - come see"!

In the weeks ahead, I will be switching "Tea In The Garden"
 back to "Friends Sharing Tea". Please link any post you have about tea before and join in the fun!

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