Wednesday, April 25, 2018

PAST "Tea In The Garden" TIME

I am troubled when I see a 
blog post that starts with "I am
 having computer problems". 
 I have  had to say that before
 and yes, here I am saying it today. 

Oh, dear.....

 Suddenly Monday evening my photos
 wouldn't download from my camera
when I use the Windows 10 photo
gallery so let's just do a little
review of some oldies for today's party.

The above photo was taken last
 August 8th
down under the deck. 

This photo is from August 1st last year:

These 2 photos are from July:

And June:

I hated to not have my tea time
party today so thank you for
putting up with a rerun!

This "Tea In The Garden" was in May:

and another at the end of May:

And this one was exactly one year ago
but we do not have any irises
 blooming this time!

And I will leave it there and dream of
those yet to come.  Things are very green
now which is just wonderful in itself.
The blue forget me nots are blooming
after a long brown wintertime.

*Late note today:  if any of you ever have
this problem with Windows 10 - here is the
 link to fix it and yes!  My Hubby and I
just figured it out minutes ago!  

I hope you can join me by posting and
sharing something for "Tea In The Garden"
and any tea related post will be perfect.
I am joining:  Tuesday Cuppa Tea
and Home Sweet Home

Sunday, April 22, 2018


Just a few short and quick
 photos of a little day trip today
arriving in Louisiana, Missouri
and then down to Clarksville -
 along the Mississippi River:

And the place to enjoy catfish (below):

The system known as Mississippi River 
right outside Richard's home
looking northward: 

An old church dated 1886:

And trains, trains and trains.....

And old places on the way home:

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Yesterday I reset my kitchen table with
the purple toile items I sewed 
last week and I also added a little
 accent topper 
I haven't shared before:

I was hoping to have enough fabric to
make myself a tea cozy but I 
had to literally piece scraps
 together to make one.

So now all I needed was a nice
 dessert for this post.  Every recipe
 I looked at seemed disqualified 
by the lack of at least one ingredient. 
  So,  I just made a little cake from
 staples in the kitchen.  

Very simple Lemon Dessert Cake
 ingredients were:
1 cup sour cream, 1/2 cup flour, 2 Tb
lemon extract, 1/2 cup sugar, 3 eggs
325 degrees for 25 minutes
I lined my 1 cake pan with
 parchment paper

Lemon Sauce: 1/2 cup of butter,
1 cup sugar, 1/3 cup lemon juice,
 2 eggs,1 Tb Cornstarch
 1 Tb lemon extract 
 Cook at medium high on the
 stove in a
double boiler until thick.
Stir constantly.  Pour
this over the cake when it is cool.

Please help yourself and
have some tea.  It is
British Breakfast tea.

This dessert is small and would
 probably feed around 6 people.
It is a softer type cake with an
 appearance that looks somewhat 
more like a cheesecake.

I hope your spring is arriving 
too as we are finally getting 
warmer weather back by Friday 
and we will love that!

Saturday, April 14, 2018


When it's changing back into 
cold weather again, why not
 pick a few daffodils to enjoy!

We had 2 lovely days here in Missouri
but now it is going cold on us again!

Time for some hot tea.....

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Home Sweet Home

Thursday, April 12, 2018


As many of you know, I have
hosted a weekly blog party 
starting in May of 2011. This
blog link party only comes
 during the
season of spring through fall:
(these are all past photos)

We will be starting this soon and
it will be our 140th "Tea In The
Garden" Blog Party.  As you know,
we switch the title during
 the winter to 
"Friends Sharing Tea".

You might remember this old logo
above from my Colorado garden.

Jeremy Fisher is alive and well but
now lives in Missouri!!

Not everyone can get out in the
garden but there will be those who can
and for the others - please share anything
tea related and we will love it.

This is another old logo 
from Colorado

It is 80 degrees today in Missouri and
things are green and daffodils are
blooming but
snow is expected with winter's last
- yes, L A S T stand this weekend!

So be thinking and planning for
this year's "Tea In the Garden"
blog parties.  My garden will be
2 years old which is still very
young but I see signs of promise!

For anyone who hasn't seen this - 
you set up a little table, chair
 or anything really in your garden
 and share a cup of tea,  table setting,
 etc.  You can keep to simple
or go "all out" if you like.  

A few of mine from last year:

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

PURPLE TOILE for "Friends Sharing Tea"

On Monday a package came with some 
purple toile fabric I found online.

Yesterday I jumped right in and made
 a tablecloth
for my kitchen table.

I only got one cushion done
yesterday for my photo
shoot but you get the idea.

I love these simple white dishes
I affectionately call my
"Jane Austen" dishes.

Of course I know that several of you have
the little birdie teapot or the coffeepot.

One can always invite 
more birds to
the table!

On Sunday we had a little snow and I
saw the fish in our Koi pond going back
into their "time out" position.  They had
 been moving about recently but that 
came to a halt with the colder weather. 
 I did find a few more daffodils to 
add to my vase and hope to see
 more outside soon.

I hope you can join my tea related
blog party below - sorry the link didn't come out earlier - a little
 kerfuffle as Marilla
would say! 

I am linking at:
  Tuesday Cuppa Tea