Thursday, December 31, 2015


These are the special features from
 the last blog party for the year. 
 I am posting this today to get it in for 2015.

The first one Was Martha's "Lines from Linderhof" where her granddaughter Lucy was captivated with The Magical City of Scott:

#2 was Janice's blog "Mz Witherspoon's Cottage" where she shared her wonderful Chocolate cake
 with Peppermint Frosting and other lovely goodies:

#3 was "Scene Through My Eyes" with JoAnn who shared her Christmas Eve Table and buffet with Plum Pudding:

#4 was Ruth at "Tuesday Cuppa Tea" where she shared her recent trip to Victoria, British Columbia and her visit for Afternoon Tea at the Fairmont Empress:

And lastly #5 was Phyllis posting about her newest
 tea books and all the new Downton Abbey 
Teas at "The Relevant Tea Leaf":

I hope to see you on Monday with our first BTTCG 
 blog party for the NEW YEAR! 
 Have a very Happy New Year Day!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Here's my Year In Review:
I have chosen one post from each month. Some of these are from Friends Sharing Tea, Tea In the Garden and Bernideen's Tea Time, Cottage and Garden postings for the year of 2015!

For the Month of January I chose "Taking Tea In Comfort". As you can see it was snowy outside but cozy inside!  

And what about February? 
 Here was my pick: 

Now for March I chose this post:

Now that April came along I chose this post to feature:

May is one of the loveliest months in some places - in Colorado we still have the possibility of snow.  I chose this post:

Now we come to June when the fun
 really started in the garden:

For the month of July I am sharing this post:
"A Bouquet in the Garden": for Tea In The Garden

And on to August:
"Under The Lace Umbrella"  for Tea In The Garden

And September was still lovely:
It was a time for "Tea For Two" out in the garden:

October was a beautiful month in 
Colorado and
 so I shared this post: 
 "Chappie Finds A Garden"

November was a time to share
the collection I've started working on last year: 
 "Going Ahead With Red Transferware"

The last month of the year was easy because
 of all the decorating!
I chose this post for my last review:
  "The Snowlady Tea"

Hope 2016 is wonderful for you and your family!
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Tuesday, December 29, 2015


This will be a year of change for my husband and I as
 we make our last move to be near family for retirement. 
 We have lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado for 22 years.
 In 2016 we will be moving to Columbia, Missouri to
 be near our son, daughter in law and two grandchildren. 
 We are excited and trying to "Keep Calm and Carry On"!

Early in 2015,  Jann Olson inspired me (link) with her fun New Year's Mantle so during the year as I went to various flea markets, antique malls and out door park vintage market events, I watched for old windup clocks to do my own mantle display.  I saw more in my journeys but price was always part of the criteria.  I also wanted a glittery "Happy New Year" sign but never saw one I liked.

Please don't ask the time though as it could get a little confusing.  Well actually, take your pick!

Lady Mary said it well, 
"The world moves on and we must move on with it." 
  Downton Abbey

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Monday, December 28, 2015


My husband and I have been goofing off lately.
 Is that against the law?
 We drove back to some indoor flea markets and an
 antique mall that we hadn't been to in a while with
 the idea that this might be our last opportunity.
 As I have shared, we will be moving to 
Columbia, Missouri
 in 2016.
 So did we find anything?

My husband found an old china cabinet in a booth that had some English Bone China cups and saucers in it for only $4.95 each.  One was a Shelley in perfect shape.  Later that day we found a few more other English Bone China ones for only $7.00 each.

This green one was the $4.95 Shelley (Duchess):

We had such a fun day and we always go somewhere 
nice for lunch or dinner and relax.
  Here is the pink and blue Rosina one:

These two featured Violets. 
 A Hammersley and a Royal Albert below:

And two more below, A Scottish thistle themed Royal Albert and a hand painted Adderly one with soft colors below:

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Saturday, December 26, 2015


This week was such a busy week for everyone so I especially appreciate those who took the time to share in my blog linky party!
They are in no special order here:

The first featured blog was "Penny's Vintage Home" who shared her Christmas Home Tour:

The second one was Lynn at "Quaker Home Farm" who shared her Decadent Orange Cranberry Bread. 
 If you scroll down my posts you will see that  I even made some myself after seeing her's!

#3 was "2 Crochet Hooks" with Millie and Kristina who shared a great DIY project - repurposing PJ bottoms into a shawl!

The 4th one was "Fabby's Living" where she shared another one of her fabulous table settings:

#5 was Marilyn at "Heart's Delight" who shared her tea time at The Lavender Bleu with her dear sister:

And in the spirit of Christmas - #6 was "Christine's Home and Travel" where she shared her lovely table setting and buffet!

Thank you everyone - see you on Monday
 for the last blog party of the year!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


After seeing Lynn Bean post a wonderful Decadent
 Orange/Cranberry Bread, (click for recipe) I decided it was a "must bake"!  

I did everything just as Lynn's recipe suggested except I also added 2/3 cup of chopped dried apricots.  The only other suggestion I have is that in the past I found chopping the cranberries makes them all taste sweeter so I make sure 
each one is opened with a chop!

I have done some serious baking this Christmas and tried some things I've always wanted too. I make mistakes too.  You know like dumping the cake out too soon and it sticks.  I try to make a note of my mistakes so I can avoid them the next time. Have you been baking?  It has been great fun!

Every day my husband and I joke about "not having to go to work" and believe me I am so happy to be retired.

My husband had a big glass jar on the floor by his desk where he always throws his pocket change.  Today he took it to the bank and dumped in the machine.  He came in the door later and asked me to guess how much it was.  My guess was - $47.47 and he just laughed.  He said no - "it was over $400.00". 
 Can you imagine that?  I said, let's go to the grocery store!

I hope your Christmas week is wonderful!  Thank you dear friends for reading my blog and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2015


This last Saturday I got inspired to cut up a couple
 old Christmas tablecloths and make a bed cover for our 
extra bed which is an antique full size.  (I later saw the red and green ck tablecloth came from Kohl's)

The red and green square table cloth was wide so I turned it across the bed and it was long enough on the sides - I just had to cut up and add another section to the top so I used another tablecloth with the snowman and Santa.  Of course this would not have worked if the fabric didn't go both ways! 

If my Granddaughter was here she would love to sleep in this bed! Doesn't this afghan bring a smile?  I found it at an antique mall in Denver where the gal hadn't even priced it yet.  It was laying on a chair as she was putting new items in her booth.  I picked it up immediately and thought it was great fun!

I cut up a third tablecloth and combined two fabrics to make a couple of Pillow Shams and make one extra toss pillow!   And underneath?  I recently found a nice 100% wood green and red plaid blanket for 1/2 off in a booth at an antique mall in Denver.

  Many of the booths at antique malls now have
 their Christmasy things 1/2 off.

Some of you might wonder if you can wash old
 wool throws and blankets, etc. The answer is yes, 
 I wash them with cold water and yes,
 throw them in the dryer too!

You might as well pour yourself some hot cocoa!  And enjoy a wonderful Christmas book too!

The picture on the wall above is called "Under the Mistletoe"!
It's formerly heavy bright gold frame is now vintage
 white thanks to my husband who has an open mind!

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