Monday, June 30, 2014

A ROSE THEME for "Tea In The Garden"

 This summer one side of my garden is 6 years old. I dug the left side out in 2008.   The right side is 5 years old and the middle where the sides join is 4 years old.  This is the fullest it has ever been and I am happy for that.  You know the fuller it is - the more it holds moisture in the ground.

  I am also seeing my rose bushes coming up after pruning off all the dead this spring.  There was a lot of dead but soon they will bloom. I have made some classic mistakes over pruning my clematis in the past but the one I left alone has really taken off with blooms.  Don't I sound silly.

  So many bloggers have glorious gardens and I have just a little one where I am learning by my mistakes but I do love it!  So I am celebrating my garden today!  For a working
woman it is just the right size.

 I have brought a bunch of teacups outside with a rose theme just so you could pick the one one you would like to use!  I have also baked some special Blueberry Muffins.  The muffins are hiding under a shoo fly cover I recently found.  Please help yourself and you can bake your own too.

  The recipe is HERE at the Food Librarian site.  They are easy to make. 

Those of you who are familiar with my blog know how I love vintage linens.  The table topper is just what was left from a bedspread out of which I made pillows.

What a lovely summer we are now having.
I hope your week is delightful.

Monday, June 16, 2014


Good Monday morning and what a lovely morning it is as the sun rises up in my backyard garden.  I don't have a big garden but the one I have I just love looking out at from my kitchen window.  It brings me joy!  Today we are having some strawberry tea in the garden.

Welcome to Tea In The Garden! 

 Have a seat here at the picnic table and we can chat a bit.

I am not sure how I got this fascination for these fun doilies.  I seem to be drawn to them like a magnet.  I have shared my little cottage Japanese teapot before.

I am sharing with you a couple of denim tote bags I sewed yesterday afternoon for my shop.  This one has an old crochet potholder basket on the front. (actually to hold the potholders) 

And the other has part of an old yoyo
 piece on it and I have many more to do.

 I have some strawberry tea for you so please pour a cup and enjoy using this little strawberry spoon!  I hope you like the linens I have chosen and of course they have embroidered strawberries.

The tea is from The Metropolitan Tea
Company and tastes delicious.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


  It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood so why not join me for "Tea In The Garden":

I get really excited about
the site of pansies.

I got a little carried away for sure.

We had very cool weather yesterday and we look forward to when the warm weather just sticks around permanently.

Today I am sharing a Pansy Tea Time
 since the pansies are so lovely now. 

I love their adorable and happy faces.

So many vintage English cups and saucers
show pansies and violets.  Also, the old
1950's linens were often created with
pansies as a theme.

Both of these teapots are new and
sorry to say, from China.

  I have a sweet like book about pansies by Emelie Tolley and Chris Mead.  It's one of those books you can get lost in for a while.

Please pour yourself a cup of tea and relax.  Tell me about your summertime plans.