Friday, June 24, 2011


I hope this Saturday is a wonderful one for you and full of pleasant summertime experiences!  This is a time to enjoy the season, enjoy the smells and enjoy the taste of the harvest! Also, a time for tea in the garden!

I went out early this morning and set up a table for the pleasure of tea! 

 As the birds and squirrels came and went the yard was full of morning sounds.  

Time began in a garden.....

This tea set is Roses and Ivy - English Bone China by Crownford. I was very sorry when this importer closed many years ago as I loved their china pieces.  These decals are still very much in use by many companies. 

Have a lovely weekend...

Thursday, June 23, 2011


"From where I sit things are really blooming!"

Happy Birthday to this 2 year old garden!

Lovely Sage which could be dried for tea...

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Let's sit a while in my backyard garden....I have set up a little table for you over by the blooming clematis.  Today is just my 
6th tea in the garden presentation.

I have my crochet bedspread on the table and some mix and match china.....I love those old crochet bedspreads.  Have you ever passed something up in an antique mall - only later to deeply regret it?  I'm sure you have and so have I!  I once saw one like this with pansies and when I went back - well you know
how that story ends.

I have a pot of tea ready for you
 and you may pick your chair!

Some of you remember when I cut up my grandmother's pillowcases and some old table cloths and made 24 sets of chair covers for a tea I had last summer.  I chose these 4 today to use.  You could make some of these too!

Early in the morning the sun comes
 from the east and casts shadows all 
across my back yard.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This morning was a perfect time to see how things were coming along in the garden....and take a moment to share tea with you on my garden bench...

We are having the most beautiful weather in the 80's and things are beginning to bloom...

I have a huge old  teapot (really a coffee pot) full of tea...the lid really isn't original but who cares?

Our state flower in Colorado is the Columbine.....this is their season and they grow wild here....

I hope you take time to enjoy summer. If you live where there are no tornadoes, flooding or fires now - you are blessed!  I am praying for those folks!

I hope you have a lovely day.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


We are so happy to have summer finally here - to be able to open windows and smell the garden scents blowing in the breeze.  I don't want to take a lovely green lawn for granted. 

I think this big 48 ounce Crown Dorset
pink teapot might be my all time favorite.

 This morning I decided to set the
 dining room table with random 
this and that.

I have often commented on this blog about my love for mixing and matching things. I didn't have time this morning to get out the silverware.  You will have to use your imagination. We all have one of those.  I love old linens and old things.  I have no idea why.

Like most of us - I have things from China but of course prefer English bone china and really prefer vintage pieces.

One of these days, I am going to get my courage up and start painting some of my antique furniture!  Actually, that would be
my husband who I would be asking to do
just that.

Part of the problem is simple - when you were the one that stripped an old piece and did all that labor - you never forget the work it was - it is easier to tackle something and change it that you haven't already worked on!

My grandmother gave me the yellow depression glass above.....

Late note:  looking back at this post, I have sold so many of these cups and saucers
and plates.  I still have the pink teapot
that I love.

Friday, June 3, 2011


We have waited for spring and summer so long - I want to savor every day and enjoy! 

 Things are finally lush and green and flowers will be bursting forth. I decided to set up a little tea table on my patio....I have many old linens and often use old crochet bedspreads for is early in the garden as the sun comes up from the east.....come pour yourself a cup of tea!

If it gets hot - help yourself to the fan....and make yourself at home!

My chives are blooming as part of a small herb garden on each side of the patio.