Tuesday, March 21, 2023



I am sure you already know that
different seeds attract
different birds to your yard.

In the case of bluebirds, one needs
to buy a bag of bugs (yes, meal
 worms) to attract them.
They are not seed eaters.  I never
would have believed I would be
buying a bag of dead bugs but we
sure have enjoyed seeing the
bluebirds come and go this winter.

I might mention that when filling
the bluebird feeder, I try not to
stare at the bag!

Thursday, March 16, 2023


 Our March has been flying along
 so it's time to have a nice
cup of Irish Breakfast tea 
and take a pause in this day. 

I still have a vase of dried green
hydrangeas from last summer.

I have shared the tea cozy I made
years ago with my Grandmother's
linens she embroidered for me.  There
were quite a few napkins so I cut a 
couple of the stained ones up.

I pulled the March issues of the older
Victoria Magazines to enjoy:

A cup of hot tea and an old Victoria magazine
make for happy moments for sure.

We might get some snow tonight which
is no big thing compared to what many
of you have experienced lately.  I went
 out and took a few photos of some of
the bulbs that may not be so happy
about the snow.

I make collages for by Facebook page
but don't usually share them here so
today I leave one with you:

Sunday, February 26, 2023


 One way to survive winter while the 
garden takes a break and outdoor
activities slow down, is by finding
some craft projects or perhaps sewing
or baking something wonderful.  I decided to look at some old Victoria magazines and go back through the January and February issues before this month is 
over.  A cup of tea and a seat at the table were all I needed to get started through my magazines.

Last month I did some reflecting on the Scottish poet, Robert Burns and of course
I came across a lovely article in the January 1990 issue.

  In the same issue there was an article about a woman name Jeanne Gresham who had a shop on Cape Cod called "Horsefeathers" where antiques and beautiful tea wares mingled.  Now bear in mind we are talking about 1990 (not now) and a friend I knew in Colorado in the 90's told me she had visited this shop and raved about
it's beauty.

I'm sure you are aware that in January
and February the Snowdrops bloom
in England.

The cover on the January 1991 issue is
so very lovely.  I have been thinking about
looking for an older fire place screen to
soften the area in front of our gas
fireplace.  As soon as I opened this issue
 I saw a wonderful example of one in an
article called "Found By The Fire".  

to see the recipe for the
Carmel Cream Pie.

As February prepares to leave us
here in Missouri, we see bulbs popping
 up out of the ground.  We did a major pruning of the pussy willow bush in our 
front yard.  A few Hellebore plants
are blooming.  We know we have had
a relatively mild winter.

By doubling my recipe ingredients,
I had enough for a deep dish pie and
also more to make a little tart we can
take over to our senior neighbors.
(on a foil base for transporting)

Thursday, February 16, 2023


 When February arrives we know that
Spring is not too far ahead and that
means the violets are coming.

This teapot above is an
English Crown Dorset.

I have always been fond of tea
wares with the violet theme.
The teapot on top of the cake
platter is from Japan.

We are having a cold, damp
and dreary day so violets will
certainly cheer things up.

I am starting to collect some purple
transferware but so far only have
4 plates.  It seems that is is rather
expensive. The teapot above lower
right is an English Crown Dorset.

This is one of the plates:

I am not fond of pieces from China
but did like this piece (from my 
former store) made in China for
Flowers & Balloons which became
Burton & Burton.

I just made a quick dash outside to
shake down the birdseed in the bird
feeder.  It could possibly snow here in
Missouri tonight.

Saturday, January 28, 2023


 My hubby and I decided to take some
days off this last week.  Our lives
are very simple and we don't travel
 very much but this week we took off and went east 
to St Louis one day to 2 mega size antique malls and then we
 went to all 3 smaller local antique
malls on another day. 

I had been thinking for a while about
looking for 2 antique oil lamps for
my dining room table.  My husband
asked if I wanted these and the answer
was "of course I do".  They came from Springfield, Missouri.

This is an area off our kitchen without
a wall separating the two called a
Hearth Dining Room.

I tried using the leaf in the
table but decided I preferred
it without the leaf. I can always
add it if needed.

Friday, January 13, 2023


 I was wondering if there was any such
thing as an antique or vintage Valentine
 plate and sure enough I found one.  In
fact, the one I found is #8 in a series, 
marked "Adams" and made in England.

I have since, seen a few
others on Ebay or Etsy.
I decided one was
enough to make me
happy and yes, this
one is a little stained
 but I'm ok with that since it is just going to be a decoration.

I haven't gotten my other Valentine's Day
Decorations out but am thinking of doing
some crafting of Valentines.  How
about you?