Saturday, December 2, 2023


 As soon as Thanksgiving is over it
is time to pull out the Christmas
decorations.  We are preparing
to be one of the serving homes
tomorrow evening for the youth
at our church so 3 tables will be
used for our part in the progression.
 late note: we had 22

I absolutely swooned over the cake
dome I saw in this month's Victoria
Magazine.  I went on line and searched
Ebay, Etsy, etc and found the old
dome on a site called Mercari.  I made
a low offer and was thrilled when it
was accepted.  It is very heavy.

A while back we moved our former
kitchen buffet up from the basement
and I have really enjoyed having the
surface to decorate and also to
serve food from it:

I have shared so many of these
decorations over the years and also,
my red transferware.  I apologize
for the "reruns" for some of you.

I made the Ephemera Nativity below
a few years back by printing out art 
pictures from online and using silver
and gold background papers, glue,
glitter, etc.

I am sure you already realized that
it was dark when I took these pictures.

We hide our DVD player inside 
this old piece.  I have a collection
of Nicol Sayre angels I love.

My ornaments are a mix of mid
century and Victorian.  Will
share a few more in a few days.....

Are you enjoying decorating?


  1. It's always a delight to see your change of season decorations. The tea cozy with the teapot embroidered on it is certain fun this year.

  2. What a beautifully Christmasy home! And, I would love a cake plate like that. I had my mother's which was just a pedestal one (no dome) which I gave to my daughter. I was so happy she chose to use it at Thanksgiving.

  3. Lovely decorations as always. The cake dome is so beautiful...great find! Hope your portion of the progressive dinner was a special time for the youth. I'm sure they enjoyed the lovely table settings and Christmas decor. I haven't decorated yet but will this week. 🌲


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