Wednesday, October 20, 2021


 I was online looking at various fall
soup recipes and today I made one for
our dinner tonight:

Our weather has turned cooler and I
imagine the leaves will begin to turn now.
Each day now, I have to pick up the
 acorns and walnuts in the back yard.
I try to get them before the squirrels
bury them.  That's impossible but I try.

perfect for fall!  I served it with the
$1.00 French Bread loaf from Walmart.
I buy them and immediately divide that
long loaf into several cartons and put
that in the freezer.  That way, it doesn't 
get stale before we eat it.  My husband
actually loves it for toast.

Like you I often put my own spin on a 
recipe and change one or more things.
In this case, I used 1 cup brocolli instead
of kale, I used 1 medium sweet potato and 1 
medium regular potato.  I also added 1 cup
fresh green beans and used red onion instead
of white.  I cooked 2 small chicken breasts
in 6 cups of water.

We loved our soup and you might
like to try it too. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2021


 Today husband and I enjoyed driving down
to Osage Beach to have a nice lunch

This tea room is like others here in Missouri in that it is like a lunch cafe with tea.  We love their "Go Nuts" salad and I always enjoy
a slice of lemon pie.

So if you are going to Springfield or Branson or the lake of the Ozark, this would be a fun stop in a shopping village with cute shops.

This is an area in the antique shop
across the way:

I always notice this cool old house on
the way back - please bare in mind we were 
driving 65 miles per hour.

As we go back to Columbia, we pass
 by our Capitol in Jefferson City,
 Missouri and cross the
 Missouri River:

Sunday, October 17, 2021


 I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I
would be helping with a ladies tea at
church.  I think this was their first tea

 I was a hostess for one table and even had a man at my table because he and his wife led the music and worship time. You can see Blaz was making the best of the situation.

They oversee a local campus
sorority ministry for young women as part of the Assemblies of God called Chi Alpha.  I have enjoyed getting to know some of these girls who attend the University of Missouri, Stephens College and Columbia College - all here in Columbia, Missouri.

 The menu was 2 types of scones: plain with raisin and pumpkin date scones.  Hot black tea was served in teapots by the hostesses.

  The meal began with a nice fall salad with mixed greens and a few of each of these: sliced green grapes, mini English cucumbers, red onion, peas, craisins, mushrooms, shredded cheese, chopped apples and crispy onion rings. 

 The savories were: Finger sandwiches of Smoked Turkey with an orange marmalade and cranberry spread with a little lettuce, Cheese Spinach Mini Quiches and Pimento Cheese Pinwheels.  

The sandwich recipe was from Linda Jennings but suddenly I can no longer find it.  I forgot to tell the kitchen ladies not to pile up the sandwiches because they weren't as neat as they should have been.  That was my fault.
This is how we learn - right? 

 This was
my table for which 
I was the hostess:

The sweets must not be forgotten and they were wonderful: Pumpkin Raisin Cookies
made by Jeni:


Another great baker Connie made the Walnut Zucchini Bars and 
 Mini Cherry Cheesecakes
 were made by Sondra who is a great pastry chef and cook

and I want to try these myself sometime....she did a graham cracker base but you could also do a crushed oreo base.

Here are just a few photos of some of the 64 guests. (Jerry, Jeni and Sondra) My  friend and guest Stacey below: 

Our Pastor's wife Joy who is a "joy"!  Jeni and Laura:

This dear sweet lady Pat recently fell and broke
her hip and elbow but with lots of prayers going up - she's making  great comeback!

Connie to the left is another great baker and cook with Pat.

Linda was the Director who worked very hard to bring this event to fruition:

Friday, October 8, 2021


 I love each season for it's own special
characteristics and unique visual 
changes.  I also love seasonal foods and
baking delights.  Fall is here and the 
perfect time to smell Gingerbread,
 Carrot Walnut Cake 
and Soups and Breads.

One of the joys found in cookbooks is
the memories of past baking and
serving food to those you love
and friends you 

I recently went through all my
fall recipes I have collected over
the years.  I have those specifically
for Afternoon Tea but also others we enjoy ourselves or for company that are
both cooking and baking.

Here are some ideas for fall:
Look for recipes with cranberries, nuts,
and dried fruits. Baked apples always
smell so good.  In the fall I think about
pomegranates, persimmons and figs.

One year I tried a Persimmon Cake
although I wasn't overly excited about
it even though it was really pretty.

What recipes do you love for fall? 

Wednesday, October 6, 2021


These Drop In Snuggie Tea
Cozies are a favorite on my
Etsy site.  The fabric comes
from England and has a British
Icon theme.


Thursday, September 30, 2021


I was recently watching some baking
videos and came across this Coconut
Buttercream Cake so today I decided
to bake one.  Instead of doing the 
2 layer cake, I use 3 - 8" cake pans.

My husband suggested we have a piece
"right now" and then we both agreed
that we would skip dinner!

I found this 8" round by 9" tall 
cake platter at an antique
mall last week in Macon, Missouri.
I love the detail of the roses.



 Just a quick sharing of two new
tea cozies that I made.  I don't know
if you ever saw the book "Last Dinner
on the Titanic" but it features many
great ideas for having a Titanic dinner
with recipes of foods you can make yourself
that were actually served on the Titanic.

You can also recreate an Afternoon Tea
using the recipes.  These are my two
newest tea cozies I just listed:

Monday, September 27, 2021


 We look forward to this pie every fall
and then again for Christmas:

I made this pie today but have made it
many times over the years and that mix
goes right into the pie!

To find out who sells the mix
of spices near you -

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Saturday, September 25, 2021


Recently my husband and I went to Clark 
with a church group and we wanted
 to go back again to a few more
 of the places
 we had missed.

Most of us have been to visit an Amish
community some time in our life and I
always admire how neat everything
looks.  As you know, they really prefer
no photos so I took these from inside 
my car at a distance and this one
is blurry but she is shaking out a rug.

So the homes are heated by
wood burning stoves and 
have no electricity.

It has really been gorgeous this week
and we have loved the weather.  I was
able to take time and really look at
everything on this trip.

We bought some homemade
 bread and baking supplies
 which they sell.  I have never
seen these gadgets below which
I am looking forward to trying
when I make my next pie.  You use 
them to cut the pie top dough and it
presses a design into the top piece:

I am sure it was nice though!

We noticed horses eating the grass in
several areas....who needs lawn
mowers if you have horses!