Friday, April 29, 2016


One of the sayings I recall from my life
 journey is that "change is inevitable".  On March 17th we made our final drive to our new home in Columbia, Missouri.  

Another change is that we now have a koi pond.  When we were here to close on our house January 29th, I could just barely see the fish on a cold day, way down in the bottom of the pond.  We stayed here 5 days and returned to a blizzard at our Colorado home. When we came back again on March 17th with our 2nd and last truck load, I thought the fish were gone.  I told my husband "I think someone took our fish".  After a week or two and  on a warm day - they reappeared.  I finally understood.  They go down in the deepest part of the pond when it is cold. 

 I also noticed that in some pictures I had seen on line (from the former owner) that there were lily pads. Who took those? Well, now that it is in the 60's to 70's everyday, guess what has reappeared?  At first I thought it was a purple leaf in the pond and I tried to net it but it was attached!  Hello - anyone home?

 Of course, I did not leave some things behind in my Colorado garden.   My Beatrix Potter style cast stone garden statuary were not getting left behind in Colorado.   I do think Jeremy Fisher loves his new spot near this pond.  What do you think? And his friends are close nearby.  We just dug out a huge bush that was blocking the view of the pond and I am much happier about that.  Also, I planted lily of the valley, daffodils, violas and violets as there were no flowers near the pond.

 In the summer it will be very hot and humid in Missouri.  I say that in case some of you thought we were going into this blindfolded. This is why I have been busy in the yard working and racing ahead of the hot summer weather.  I know some of you told me slow down.  The former owners had a few areas of flowers but not too much.  I did find one area that was rather hidden in the lower front yard and I have been stealing the flowers from there and moving them to the pond  location (peonies, Columbines, etc.)  I also brought a box full of things with me and they are all very happy here.

See this little bird inspecting the birdhouse today?  I have never heard a bird sing like this one!  Beautiful sounds are coming!  He or she spent the entire day going in and out with little pieces of this and that.  They sang to each other all day and it was beautiful!  Several have told me now that this is a House Wren.

The planting in my old birdbath now:

 This is my first "Tea In The Garden" for 2016 AND MY 94TH "Tea In The Garden" post since 2011!   

I did want you to see this view from my "Where I Create Room" as I showed you this room last week but not the view outside from the room:

Can you imagine sewing here?  I think I'm in heaven!

Monday, April 25, 2016


I have to tell you we have stayed focused lately and we are pretty tired of work - work and more work for the last month.  You know moving is a horrific job so it was time for a few breaks.  Last Tuesday we had to drive toward Kansas City, Missouri area to buy a new lawn mower so we stopped at Grain Valley and went to the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall. 

 I found a few treasures there such as the lovely
 set of English rosebud plates 8 for $20.00 (seen above
with pieces I already had)

 I found a sweet little teapot like the bigger
 "Friendship" one given to me by my friend Kathilee! 
 I'm wondering if they made one for the little 
blonde too?  I will
sure be looking won't I!

 I also found a cookie plate (the one at the top) and a lovely old tin with handles.  Later in the week we went to a church yard sale where I found the darling glass basket vase.

Love the tin:

Here is the basket from the church sale:

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I thought I would share with you my new sewing, craft, decorations and tea time storage room in our walkout basement.  In all these years, this is the first time I ever had such a great place.  It isn't intended to be so much beautiful as it is functional.  I can find whatever I'm looking for now.  I also have a double closet around to the left and a place for the ironing board.

The two old but very sturdy file cabinets hold recipes, craft ideas, etc.  I have lots of shelving to store tea things, sewing stuff, seasonal decorations, linens, etc too!

And a late addition to this post - the view out the window
of the Koi Pond!

This is why we moved to Missouri - my little granddaughter
 Lily and the Fairy Garden she made at our house 
Sunday afternoon:

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Monday, April 18, 2016


Our new home (actually it is 15 years old) is a cottage style rancher with a finished walk out basement.  No more second story  bedrooms with that flight of  stairs to climb to bed in retirement. I am 67 years old - things have changed and I hurt a little!  There are 3 bedrooms on the main level of the house.  Two are rather small but we don't mind.  This is a nice home for retirement which is where we are in the journey of life.

Going downstairs below:

Today, I am sharing my new personal tea room so we are going downstairs.  Are you ready.  I had to go down and hide all my husbands hammers, tons of tools, etc.  I am sure he won't be happy because he is working on his office and it isn't done so he had tools and boxes everywhere.  Some of you already know all my stuff so here it is in a different house and location.  The sign that used to be inside my store and the maid from my old dining room greet you at the bottom of the stairs where the rugs are temporary until I find some new ones.

If you turn left it's the large open room in the basement that brings joy to my heart and I say is a dream come true.   With the closing of my store, I had plenty of furniture and tables to use in this large room to create a personal tea room where I can have ladies over for tea and use for group hospitality.  

The buffet that was in my kitchen before and the food will be served on that table around to the right.  The pictures to the right are Catherine of Braganza, Queen Victoria and Anna the Duchess of Bedford  who I call the "First Ladies of Tea".

Another old sign from my store which is sentimental:

This week my hubby got out the chandelier from my old store window and hung it up for me.  There are tables set up right now to seat 27 ladies but I have to find 6 more chairs.  I could add a few more tables for 2 if needed.  The door leads to my husbands office which is "in progress".  You see my old dining room table below:

Remember I showed you this mantle which was in the garage when we were moving?

 This is my springtime tea room look but I can change it for various seasons, events, etc.
  The sliding glass doors go out to a patio and a koi pond.  I will show you that soon.....but not yet!  I have been digging in the yard as much as I can each day.  

I have a little seating area too:

 I plan to invite ladies - especially older ladies who are lonely or discouraged to come to afternoon tea. I even have a little play table for little girls.  The doll bed was one of two things I have from my birth father.  He made it for me.  We will probably be painting it pink.

  A small room at the bottom right of the stairs
will become a kitchenette where my tea dishes can be hand washed and stored too. We have
a refrigerator in there now and will be adding a sink to hand wash my tea set pieces.  There is a small bathroom just off the kitchenette which will be helpful for guests.  
Later this week, I will also be sharing my "where I create" room on that side of the basement.  I never had a sewing-craft room before so this is a real blessing for me.  

 We also have an unfinished basement area for storage too which I am not showing you! Ha!  My husband plans to have model trains set up in there.  Right behind those 4 door panels over there. He has a nice "manly" office that he is very happy about too.

I know many of you recognize some things:

Our poor Victrola has a broken caster foot
 which we will be repairing.  We mostly
crank it at Christmastime.

This was also a small  mantle
 at my store for years:

Monday, April 11, 2016


I was able to spend a good 4 days in the
 last 2 weeks  working out  of doors during some very nice weather and did some
 serious digging at the front entrance
to our cottage rancher.  There was so
 much to do inside but I just ignored all
 that and got out in the glorious weather.  

 My husband thought I was
 "loosing it" as I just kept removing the lawn one shovel at a time.  I told him "look how much less you have to mow now"!  Our new
 neighbor was glad to take some shrubs that
 I really don't want from back by the deck.  

I dug a large area from the driveway over to
the pussy willow.  I did rather rush things though as the frost date here is still 7 more days beyond today.  The hydrangeas I planted were "freezer burnt" Friday night when it dropped in the 30's but my neighbor
 assures me they will come back out.

We now live in a sudivision called "Quail Creek" so we decided to name our home "Quail Creek Cottage".  I am hoping to stencil a sign sometime to go over the front door.  This is the entrance to our cottage style rancher.  Some of you remember "Miss Tabitha" who loves being our new greeter at the front.  Inside we call our center room the great room and it looks down on the backyard where we will be putting in a privacy fence and extending the patio area.

  I love hearing the birds in our
new backyard - really a bird sanctuary there by the little creek.  The creek isn't our property but is right in the back where we can enjoy it. We had 2 men come and clear out all the nasty stuff other people that thrown in the creek.  Isn't it shocking what people do?  Shame on them! 

 After they cleaned out all the overgrowth, I threw lots of my flower garden seeds there so we shall see what comes up.  Every morning
 I see big bunnies hoping all along the creek.
  Tonight we saw a big fox just a couple blocks away so I hope he stays there. 
 Below, is one of the things that have gotten done - the chandelier in the
kitchen has now been hung!

I am also happy to have my clock back together as it had loose parts sitting in the bottom when we arrived
in Columbia:

I am thinking I never shared the shabby chic piece I got for my birthday a few months ago.  We sat it on this buffet which was at my store for years but now in our great room.  We
plan to hide the VCR player inside of it.

 I hope to be
showing you my downstairs tea room next week!