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Bernideen Canfield 

September 19, 2023


The trouble with me is extensive

I want things that look expensive

I look at antiques and see “past” expense

Which thrills my heart most extensive.


You see, I don’t want to see Tupperware

Or plastic things which make me glare

Or those 50’s pyrex bowls that cause a stare

Yes, let’s move on to the vintage transferware


And then at old linens I’ll take a pause

As I go through the stacks and think of a clause

There’s Grandma’s crochet she made when very old

She’s gone now – I’m here now - please mark it sold!


So, don’t show me your leather, I don’t want your chrome.

That really doesn’t set a very warm home

A lace tablecloth, etched glasses and a glass cake platter

And a buffet set with all those memories that matter.


As I squeeze in a teacup and move things around

That teapot goes nicely  – so glad it was found

As I study the display and step back to admire

I’m  thankful to God for these treasures acquired.

Saturday, September 16, 2023



I seem to have a lot of Fall looking
transferware so I bring it out in the
fall and it all seems to mix and match
together for this season.

The table in the dining area is set
even though no one is coming for 
dinner.  I have some new to me "old
glasses" I picked up during a sale
at an antique mall.

Lately I have accumulated some
old vintage napkins that I love.

You can see one of the Heisey
etched glasses below.  I never
knew much about them but am

I have been following a site on FB
that is all about antique lace.  I
have learned some things but 
never realized how many types of
lace there are or about making it.

Do you decorate for fall?  Inside
or out?

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Wednesday, September 6, 2023


The garden has been thirsty for
 rain far too
often this summer.

I noticed a sweet bird nest tucked up in
the bittersweet:

I decided to welcome fall's soon
arrival by getting out my fall looking
transferware and setting the table.

I love the look of mix and
match transferware.

And a quilt to welcome
the season:

This year I decided to tuck a few
tomato plants and peppers
in with the flowers. 
I think I will do more next year.