Monday, December 29, 2014


Another Little Cottage Teapot

Playing With Roses


Mint Raisin Blarney Scones


Lilacs For "Tea In The Garden"

A Rose Theme 


Lace In The Garden

Sunbonnet Ladies

Fall Tea

Leaf Raking Tea

A Friendly Village Christmas

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


I recently saw my hand painted Christmas dishes that I had purchased back in the 1970's for sale at a nearby antique mall. Someone bought them from me in a "retro" area at my shop.  It was a strange feeling seeing them.

  I had decided to move on to something else and I have admired the old pattern "Friendly Village" by Johnson Brothers still produced but now made in China.  I wanted a used set that was made in England and I wanted a bargain.  I saw a set a few weeks ago in an antique mall which was a great price for a 7 place setting with extra pieces and an 8th plate.  I figured it would still be there if it was meant to be and when I called yesterday the booth also had a 25% off sale so this was my Christmas present:


Now I need to just find more of the
winter scenes!

The table is set for family coming in from Missouri. They remind me of many different places - Colorado, New England and Iowa for me!
I do not have a vintage teapot but will be looking for one (I've seen them around). 

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Tonight the smell of the paper whites 
has permeated the living room!

Wishing you a Happy Christmas Week!

I love it but Hubby is sneezing already!

Monday, December 15, 2014


These are busy days - baking to do, decorating done but house needs to be cleaned for a guest.  As I prepare this post it is hurry, hurry, hurry.  I want to slow down and smell the roses or rather the Christmas Tree.  

  For us Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus God's only begotten Son:

While out on a buying trip for my shop, I found this little church which is also a music box that plays "Silent Night" clear as a bell. 

I have several old booklets with the Christmas Carols.  I am so sad that these have been removed from our public schools in America.  As a child, we sang them there.

I can't believe how fast the paper whites have bloomed -
 I planted them on Thanksgiving.  As you can see, this weekend we had just a sprinkling of snow outside.  I love it.

Sunday, December 7, 2014


This Christmas, I thought I would use my Old Country Roses china to set the dining room table....but then I found this toile tablecloth in an antique mall so that changed everything.  I also found an extra piece of fabric to make a few pillows which I haven't gotten done yet.  I think Old Country Roses with all the gold on it has a rather Victorian look.  These days I am feeling a little more casual style is I am at.

 Last Wednesday I went antiquing for my shop.  I found seven dark red transferware cups and saucers in three different patterns for myself.

 One of the patterns was Mason's "Vista", another was Enoch Woods "English Scenery" and the other was Copeland's "Spode's Tower" .  

  I know some of you collect these and I have to admit you have influenced me!  I will be watching for more pieces and I especially love the Copeland's "Spode's Tower".

This year I unloaded all my bone china English cups and saucers to set up a Christmas display in the armoire.  Many years back my dear Mother In Law gave me this pre-Berlin wall nativity which came from her Adoptive German parents.  Can you see those paper palm trees - very fragile.  About 5 pieces are at the "doll hospital" to be reworked as their composition seems to be breaking down.  

I hope you have fun decorating at your house.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Hello dear blogging friends and I hope you week is filled with the blessing of decorating for Christmas. 
 Work?  Yes, but so wonderful!  Always a work in progress too!

In the kitchen, the buffet has been one of my first projects and today for I am sharing 3 Christmas cups and saucers and also a 3 tiered Afternoon Tea Tray my husband recently made for me.  These two are Japanese of course.  I never collected the Japanese before but last year found these:

My husband has been making these Afternoon Tea Trays for my store and it has been a challenge learning how to do it!  It seems the transferware plates are the easiest to drill.  Some of you will remember the center plate which I shared last Christmas.

This Christmastime, I have the chromo lithograph on the wall over the buffet.  We found it at a flea market last year and I just love how it takes us away to a former era.