Thursday, January 31, 2019


Like many of you we are having
another wave of freezing weather.

I really don't mind because there
are so many fun things to do at home.

So while the weather is cold I
found it a perfect time for
Afternoon Tea.  So last
night I baked an Apple Tart.

and the recipe is here.  I did
go ahead and put all the
apricot jam on in the 

Some chicken salad 
sandwiches for the savory:

And the scones
different - I whipped the whites of 2 eggs
and added that to the scone batter as
an experiment.  I have been thinking
about trying the idea for quite a while.

Outside the birds are so hungry
of the cold weather.

My newest April issue of Victoria arrived 
and I am thrilled to see Ephemera 
in the opening article.  
I have taken an interest in the
art of paper crafting lately so I loved
the sweet paper shoes they showed and
the wonderful Easter eggs.

When I turned the page I gasped as I
saw the Devonshire Teapot.  I have 
a large collection of this old 1940's pattern
by Johnson Brothers that I started collecting
years ago in Houston, Texas.  Later,  I found a
large group of them in Colorado Springs
but I do not have  the teapot and haven't
 been able to find one.

Hope your week is delightful!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019


We didn't need a lot of encouragement
to stay inside this week.  The cold weather
has really been........cold.

So we have been drinking lots of hot
tea and as my husband works on
reorganizing paperwork, I am crafting,
decorating for Valentines Day and 

I love the old Valentines from
former times.  My friend Janice
gave me the rabbit box
 below last

I enjoy things that look old but aren't too
but I am not a follower of contemporary
things - nothing wrong with it - but
it's just not my style.

After Christmas I usually put away
the red transferware but this year
I decided to leave it out.

Our home is odd in that it has a fireplace
near the kitchen it what was called
a Kitchen Hearth room:

Do you have some vintage Valentines?

Saturday, January 26, 2019


No need for alarm...
no trouble.....just
a confession!  I don't like to
repeat the same projects over
and over.  I like doing many
different things.  I have had 
fun making these for friends.
My one friend
loves horses so I hope she loves
Victorian horses.

I have been cutting out clip art and
using glue and glitter for days here
and making an ongoing mess in
the kitchen so now I am sure I 
will love seeing things that came
to fruition and the mess associated
with them out of here.

I did some tea
 themed Valentine
cards of course!

And this one with Tasha Tudor's art 
from "All For Love" combined with
 the Eiffel Tower:

Now I am on to baking for a big event
at church tomorrow to help raise funds
 for needs in our community.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


As you can see - there is snow on the
 ground seen outside the kitchen window:

A friend gave me this chalkboard
from the dollar store so I made
it into a valentine....

I have been having fun making
some whimsical valentines.

One of my friend's loves
all things French so I made
her this Valentine "medallion":
a little more shabby chic style.

We have been having severely
cold weather in Missouri so
it is a wonderful to snuggle in
and do some crafting!

I made this "medallion" for
my Victorian loving friend:

And as a late add on here are some I
am sending to friends:

Last year I made this tea cozy
and a Tasha Tudor Sparrow Hawk
Valentine House:

So, what projects 
are you working 
on this winter?

Thursday, January 17, 2019

AN ORANGE-BUTTERMILK TART from Victoria's 2018 September Issue

I have been saving a copy of a recipe since
last fall to make the Orange-Buttermilk Tart
I saw in the September issue of Victoria. 

This dessert called for a 10" tart pan with
removeable bottom and sure enough, I
had one.  I love trying some of the
 recipes I see in Victoria.  Sometimes it takes
 me a while to get to each recipe I copy 
and lay it aside but eventually I
am ready to try it.

Isn't Johnson Brothers "Friendly Village"
ever so friendly. It is more perfect than ever
this winter with our snowy season. 

The snow we had last weekend put a bit
of a damper on my daily outdoor walk.
I finally realized everyone had shoveled
their walks on my side of the street so 
today I got out and just walked up and
down the long street 5 times.  Since it is
a rather steep hill I figured that counted
for a little more too.

We have been told that another snow storm
will be here this weekend.  This is most
unusual for our area of Missouri. 
 When I was out earlier
the creek sounded like a raging river
from all the snow .

I hope you are off to a wonderful New
Year and have found many things
to keep yourself busy this winter.  I could
 make some suggestions but perhaps you have
already figured that out.

Here is the recipe for Orange-Buttermilk Tart:

You can use your own pie recipe
 for the dough for a 
single pie shell or tart.

You can order Victoria books here:

and follow Victoria on Facebook!

(Recipe used here with permission
from Victoria Magazine)

and I added a little more bling to my
New Year/Valentines mantle today:

Friday, January 11, 2019


My friends and I joke about feeding the
birds.  I remember years back how all
the "older folks" fed the birds and now 
here I am doing the same.  

Yesterday I walked over to the Bonnie View
Nature Sanctuary and was going to take some
photos of the birds.  However,  the restrooms
were locked for the winter so I cut my visit
short since I was planning to be there for 
a while and then walk back home.

Today, our state is getting a snowstorm.
I especially enjoy my finch feeder because
I love the yellow goldfinches.  I didn't see 
them in Colorado but we possibly didn't
put out the correct thistle seed.  We did have
the red finches (why do they call them purple?)

I just refilled the feeder so it's
time to warm up with tea.

Saturday, January 5, 2019


Last Year I initially forgot to do a yearly
review where I would select one post from
 each month.  This year I did remember 
that so here we go with one post from each
month starting of course with January.

This January post was called 

In February I got out my violet pieces
of bone china to enjoy and this post
was called 

Of course in March the Easter and spring
decorating moved front and center but one
of the posts that caught my eye here was 

Moving on to April I chose this post
from April 14, 2018:  DAFFODILS

Just looking at that encourages me -
I forgot we can have daffodils in April 
here in Missouri.

And now on to May where I
took these photos on a 

You know I actually find this shocking that we
had these flowers in May.  I guess I'm still
remembering Colorado and the almost non 
existent spring. 
 This post I chose for June was about our
visit to The Dickey House Bed and Breakfast
in June. This was part of celebrating our
 50th wedding Anniversary 
which was May 31, 2018:

By July our garden was in bloom and
this post was about "CELEBRATING
 for the 4th:

In August I became acquainted with
Zinnias and saw that they can survive the
terrible heat in a Missouri Summer.  We
really had little rain all summer.




Friendly Village transferware:

and one last post in this review for
December of 2018 sharing 

Thanks for making it this far
 down in this posting!