Sunday, October 29, 2023

Monday, October 23, 2023


It's fun getting out the autumn colored
dishes for fall.  Yesterday we had
some senior couples for lunch so
that was an opportunity to change
the table up after washing the
linens and resetting.

The plates ( below left) are
part of a "Historic America"
Johnson Brothers series.

I have had a number of ladies tell
me they keep their dining room table
set all the time.

When out antiquing, I still come 
across other old punch bowls 
just like mine (above).  Each time it
causes me to recall the day I found
 mine at the Salvation Army.


Thursday, October 19, 2023



Size Large Original
Drop in Snuggie Tea Cozy

Vintage Quaker Lace tablecloth piece sewn over off white muslin and embellished with a lovely old crochet
 doily piece.  There are multiple layers
 of inner thick polyfil batting.  The 
lining is a tone on tone beige and
white cotton print. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

LASTING FLOWERS for "Tea In The Garden"

 This summer I didn't do many of my
"Tea In The Garden" blog posts because
it was so hot.  This morning it was
only 39 degrees and just expected 
to go up into the high 60's so this
was my green light.

The Zinnias usually really get going
late in the summer and right now
they are lovely.  

I need to say the roses in this bouquet
were from the market.  I did
pick some lovely blue hydrangeas
that come on once it gets cooler
like it has been.  I decided to go
out to the front sidewalk today.

There was an abundance of bees and
moths and butterflies today.

Many years ago Royal Patrician,
a US importer of English bone china,
came out with this pattern called
"English Garden".  I kept 2 cups and
saucers and dessert plates.  They
feature bugs and flowers from an
English garden.

Please pour yourself a cup
of tea.

I have been reading about all the
different types of laces lately and
following the Lace Museum site
on Facebook where there is so
much information.  I am fascinated.

Our leaves are just starting to turn
here.  We had such a drought in
July through September, I imagine
things will be more brown than

Also, lastly, I made myself a new "old"
tea cozy from a piece of a Tuscan lace 
tablecloth and a crochet doily. (this is
not for sale)

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Tuesday, October 10, 2023


 Available on Etsy...made from old crochet
and decorated front and back.  Size large Drop In Snuggie Style which
 fits your 42-48 Oz teapot:

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

FALL IS A TIME FOR "Tea In The Garden"

How thrilling it has been to have some
cooler weather come our way in the
month of October and we sure 
are loving this.  It seems like it was 
such a hot summer and not much rain.
I didn't get my blogging done.

I decided to get out and do a "Tea In
The Garden" since I haven't done
one for quite a while.  I saw a recipe
for a cake online and decided to try it.
The recipe was for a "White Chocolate
going to the market, I had to switch
to canned blackberry pie filling which
worked just fine.  Here was my cake
earlier today before it was cut:

Please help yourself to a
slice of cake and a cup of tea.
You can sit on the bench and
we will have a cup of tea and
a nice chat.

The filling between my layers of
cake is blackberry pie filling and
the icing is also between the layers
of course.

Zinnias and marigolds do well in
our hot Missouri weather.

About the smartest thing I did in
the garden this summer, was to plant
some tomatoes in my south facing front
yard- yes, tucked in with the flowers.
I even used the branches of the pussy
willow to hold up the tomatoes stems.
The cherry tomatoes grew so 
tall they are coming up through the lilac
bush.  I also grew a few pepper plants
and should have planted more. 

The Quaker tablecloth was one of the
many linens I was gifted from the
late Marie Smith who was a precious
woman of God.

There is too much shade in our backyard
for a vegetable garden.  With the price
of food soaring, I think a garden is
really a good idea.

I love to continue to learn about dishes and antiques and old linens.  I have
been trying to learn about antique
laces and it is very extensive.  Also,
I never knew there were so many
glass patterns.  A lady who is an
expert (Gloria Dobbs in the Kansas
city area) told me there
are over 2000 glass patterns.