Saturday, June 29, 2024


 Today I thought it would be fun
to do a patriotic table setting
for the 4th of July which is
when we celebrate Independence 
Day in the USA:

This vintage English Ellgreave teapot
has very soft colors:

This teapot was a 1976 Sadler
Bi-Centennial commemorative.
We were able to attend those
activities in Yorktown, Virginia.

My transferware teapot, cream
 and sugar and
a few other pieces are USA Homer
and Laughlin historic George
Washington pieces.

I found the damask burgundy red fabric
a while back.  It was vintage, never
used and enough to easily make a

It is very hot where we live and
might just be where you live too.

Happy Independence Day!

A Template for your
Afternoon Tea Menu:

Thursday, June 20, 2024



Do you find it hard to turn the oven on
when it is very hot outside?  I sure do
understand but even so, I decided to
bake a cake yesterday.  I have made
this cake many times over the years.
The recipe was originally from an
old 1970's Southern Living Magazine.

After dinner last night
my husband
and I each
had a piece.

Happy first official day
of summer!

Monday, June 17, 2024


 "Linens are my one weakness".

 I mentioned this saying recently
on my blog. That is what Dorcus Lane
said on the BBC series "Larkrise to
Candleford". Of  course it was funny because she said it about many things.

I find that it is hard to come across
old linens embroidered roses on them.
  The French call embroidery Richelieu. 
 I did purchase this vintage embroidered
 cutwork topper from across the globe. 

 In fact, it came from South Africa from
 a woman who shopped the flea markets in Paris, France.

This is the center of the topper above.
I never knew there were so many types of
old vintage and antique linens.  There are
crochet, appliqued, embroidered, needlework such as Point de Venice, 
Bobbin Lace, Filet Lace, Reticella, Alencon lace, Tuscan, Quaker, and 
so many more.  I am trying to learn.
 I will warn you that many things are misidentified on Ebay and Etsy.

Can you tell if something is hand made or made by a machine?  Sometimes 
I can but
not always.

And adding a bouquet
from the garden: