Thursday, May 30, 2024


 After doing a little "Tea In The 
Garden: with a Hollyhock theme,
I decided to do the same in the
dining area.

I used some purple transferware plates
and other pieces that were purple.

We continue to have lovely
weather and also some rain
coming our way.

I love this little topper with Hollyhocks
on it added to the center of my French
lace Alencon tablecloth.  As Dorcas
Lane might have said in 'Lark Rise to Candleford',
 "Linens are my only weakness".

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

HOLLYHOCKS for "Tea In The Garden"

 Do you feel how quickly time is flying
by these days?  I can hardly believe
the Hollyhocks are blooming already.

We have had a really beautiful month
of May and loved the fact that rain
came along.  The hollyhocks are now
blooming so I set up a little tea in
the garden to celebrate.  Please note
the table topper I found late last
summer which is a hollyhock embroidery

A while back I bid on some lovely
remnants of old velvet and I am
now just getting around to using
some.  My tea cozy is a rich purple
and black and definitely so much
more like the way velvet used to be
back in the day.

As I cut some stems for my bouquet, the bees were not wanting to fly away from 
the sprays I picked.  

Here is a close up of the
topper embroidery.

These Hollyhocks are
all peach colored:

People ask me how I keep the yellow
fungus off the Hollyhocks.  I definitely
get it but just keep cutting off the bottom
leaves where the most appears.

I am very attracted to old linens....
are you?  Do you like English

Monday, May 20, 2024


 May 24, 2024 marks the 205th
birthday celebration of
Queen Victoria.

I decided to take my direction for
a table setting from one of her
many portraits with very dramatic

I am also sharing a vintage French
lace alencon tablecloth I found a 
while back.  I had been looking for
a long time until I came across one
that was a bargain.

The napkins have Prince Albert
on one side and Queen Victoria on
the other.  I have always admired
Prince Albert.

Also, the back of the tea
cozy has an image of Albert:

Since this table setting was a tribute
to the Queen, a few items were
placed around the table.

I have shared my collection before which
includes lusterware pieces that were sold
as souvenirs at the Great Expedition
and one cup and saucer for each King
or Queen that followed after Victoria
up to Queen Elizabeth.

A few commemoratives:

Saturday, May 18, 2024

THE FLOWER CART for "Tea In The Garden"

 In between lots of rain days here, 
 I have set up a little "Tea In The
 Garden" so please join me for a cup
 of a tea to enjoy with my Johnson Brothers "Pareek" tea set.

I first saw the cups and saucers on Etsy and then the plates and then the teapot.
There are 2 different floral scenes and
I just love this set because it is so
different from my others. 

This has been the most rain we have
gotten in several years.  Last week
we had several days of rain and again
this week.

There are actually dozens and dozens of
"Pareek" patterns from different
eras and totally different patterns.

The Cicadas arrived in our yard this 
week and are everywhere and very
loud.  Have you heard that Klaus Schwab
and Bill Gates recommend that we 
eat them?  No thanks.

We have enjoyed so many irises and
now they are about done. I dug up 
15 bags of them to give away with
 free signs on the driveway.

Here in the garden we are in transition
now.  Spring flowers are over and every-
thing is very lush and green and
 awaiting summer flowers.

I see lots of Monarda that will
make the bees happy when
it blooms.

Thursday, May 16, 2024


 We have had lots of rain this spring.
I commented about a drought in 2023
and the year before that, 2022.  Well,
that has ended for now.  I thought
I'd start with a little frog humor:

I am so glad I mowed (yes me by hand)
our lawn yesterday between the rains.
It would have been a terrible mistake
to wait and have it so deep.

My husband has had some physical issues
as of late so I have been doing a number
of tasks that he usually does.

There has been an abundance of flowers
for bouquets which is really lovely.

I have loved watching a very
tiny baby bunny in our yard.

 I hope you are having a
wonderful spring.