Monday, May 20, 2024


 May 24, 2024 marks the 205th
birthday celebration of
Queen Victoria.

I decided to take my direction for
a table setting from one of her
many portraits with very dramatic

I am also sharing a vintage French
lace alencon tablecloth I found a 
while back.  I had been looking for
a long time until I came across one
that was a bargain.

The napkins have Prince Albert
on one side and Queen Victoria on
the other.  I have always admired
Prince Albert.

Also, the back of the tea
cozy has an image of Albert:

Since this table setting was a tribute
to the Queen, a few items were
placed around the table.

I have shared my collection before which
includes lusterware pieces that were sold
as souvenirs at the Great Expedition
and one cup and saucer for each King
or Queen that followed after Victoria
up to Queen Elizabeth.

A few commemoratives:


  1. So very elegant. Quite a tribute with such lovely tea service and flowers. The table looks so inviting.

  2. Bernideen, what an amazing collection you have! And your tablescaping skills are unmatched!

  3. This is so very beautiful. I so wish I could join you, as here in Vancouver BC Canada people seem to ignore and despise her now, as she represents "colonialism". But the Victorian era gave us so very much, including white dresses for weddings, and Christmas trees! And family values, etc. It was a terrific era and I love Victoria and Albert for it all. I love your blog too!

  4. What a beautiful table setting, Bernideen! You have so many treasured mementos.


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