Saturday, December 30, 2023



Sometimes on Sundays, we have a 
few seniors over for lunch.

Now that winter is here we love
keeping warm and having a meal
by the fire.  Friendly Village is
a nice design for just that.

We find we can serve several
people for no more than it costs
the two of us to go out to a restaurant.

If you collect this pattern you
already know the plates come
in many sizes according to when
they were made and it can be a 
challenge finding more in the 
size you are looking for - these
are the 10 1/2" size.

Here is the menu:

also with Chicken in It

with Caramel Pecan Glaze

A mixed green salad,
Breads, iced tea, hot
tea and coffee

Friday, December 22, 2023



If you enjoy some of the groups
on Facebook and love table settings,
you might enjoy this group:

Also,  my site is called
a "Page" rather than
a group and I invite
you there as well:

Tuesday, December 19, 2023


 This year I have spent some time researching and learning about different
types of laces.  It has been very interesting and I have been fascinated by the older
vintage and antique types of lace.

These are some bobbin lace tea
napkins that arrived today.  They
are small and delicate. (above)

One of the types of laces I am particularly
interested in is Italian lace called
Trump de Venice.  I am no expert 
and so I can be corrected.  I started
making a list and there are hundreds
of types of patterns of lace.  A site
I follow on Facebook is called the
Lace Museum. Most of what I have
learned was by following them
but of course, I know little really.

These pieces above also include a large
runner and I got them at a great price
on ebay.  They are ecru.  I washed and
starched them and ironed them.

I had purchased these
napkins below from an Etsy
site in Canada:

Often you might come upon a
booth in an antique mall that
specializes in old linens.  Such
was the case this summer when
I happened upon these below:

Perhaps I have stirred your curosity
just a little to go peruse your
linens drawers:

Years ago when I had a shop, I sold
many linens but they were all new ones.
The many types of tablecloths and placemats were mostly polyester made in China and there were tables with every size of machine crochet doily imaginable.
My only response to that now is - Yipes!

Stains?  I use Oxiclean and soak
things in the kitchen sink.  If I still
see a stain after that I pour 4 cups clean water to 1 cup bleach in the sink.  I then swish the item around in it for about 1 minute - then rinse quite thoroughly.
Large pieces are done in the bathtub.

Saturday, December 16, 2023


 I invite you to check out my
tea cozies on my 

I posted 2 Anne cozies and both have
sold quickly.

Friday, December 8, 2023


 In the spirit of encouraging the
art of Afternoon Tea - here
are 3 menu templates
designs I will share
with you made with
various clipart:

You can print them out on
 8.5 x 11 regular
sized paper.

For me, it isn't Christmas with out
the celebration and that would be
the real meaning of  Christmas
which is Jesus birth:

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 7, 2023


 I am sharing a few more photos of
our Christmas decorations.

We had unusually warm weather today
so those of you who have snow must
be "feeling the season" a little more.

I reset my table this week after using
it last Sunday when we participated
in a youth progressive dinner.  We
had 22 here at 3 tables for lasagna
for our part of the evening.

 I used cloth napkins for all the youth so
afterwards I washed linens and ironed
them all.  Fortunately, I enjoy ironing.

I made the tea cozy many years ago:

I think I will get some different 
candles for my candlabras.  I 
shared this 19th century lithograph
here on this blog many years back.
I found it at one of the flea markets
in Fort Collins, Colorado.  This
year I decided to put it out in our
dining room for 
the season.  

We may not be putting our nativity up
outside this year as my husband is
having eye issues.  We certainly will
enjoy our indoor decorations. 

I hadn't participated in a link party
for years but today I am going to
do that:

Saturday, December 2, 2023


 As soon as Thanksgiving is over it
is time to pull out the Christmas
decorations.  We are preparing
to be one of the serving homes
tomorrow evening for the youth
at our church so 3 tables will be
used for our part in the progression.
 late note: we had 22

I absolutely swooned over the cake
dome I saw in this month's Victoria
Magazine.  I went on line and searched
Ebay, Etsy, etc and found the old
dome on a site called Mercari.  I made
a low offer and was thrilled when it
was accepted.  It is very heavy.

A while back we moved our former
kitchen buffet up from the basement
and I have really enjoyed having the
surface to decorate and also to
serve food from it:

I have shared so many of these
decorations over the years and also,
my red transferware.  I apologize
for the "reruns" for some of you.

I made the Ephemera Nativity below
a few years back by printing out art 
pictures from online and using silver
and gold background papers, glue,
glitter, etc.

I am sure you already realized that
it was dark when I took these pictures.

We hide our DVD player inside 
this old piece.  I have a collection
of Nicol Sayre angels I love.

My ornaments are a mix of mid
century and Victorian.  Will
share a few more in a few days.....

Are you enjoying decorating?