Saturday, June 30, 2012


Although my home and business are  safe- like many - my business suffered economically this week due to the fires. People are in what I call a "melancholy" mood.  I will begin posting again next week.  NEED A BREAK...

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Late report June 28th:  The 4:00 PM news has just reported that 346 homes were destroyed over a 35 block area in Mountain Shadows.

June 28 AM:Just to update everyone about the fire.  On Tuesday, June 26 at around 4:00 PM winds came down from a storm up north and created 65 mile an hour wind shears that pushed the fire up on the mountain range down into the Mountain Shadows Subdivision and then the Peregrine area burning upwards to 300 homes. Several friends have lost their homes.  Around 32,000 people are evacuated from their homes.  This is a succession of photos I took this morning from inside our car coming down of east on Woodmen:

Off the the right is the Blodgett Peak Mountain above and west of the Peregrine area still burning:

As we come down Woodmen you see what is called "The Scar" and the area to the right appears burned.  I have a dear friend whose home was in that area.

The area to the left of The Scar is Mountain Shadows where many homes are burned - very lovely homes.

This photo below is right at I-25 and Woodmen road the the following photos are after our car enters I-25 going south.

Rockrimmon exit:

Looking back through just before Garden of the Gods Road:

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


It's Time for Tea in the Garden and this is a repost today from a former Tea In The Garden from August last summer.  As many of you know - our city is under seige from wildfires. HOMES HAVE BEEN LOST in the Mountain Shadows and Peregrine Area.  I believe I know 2 people whose homes may have burned but that is yet to be confirmed - please pray for our city.  My home sits out east away from this area and is not in danger.  My business is on the west side near Garden of the Gods. 

THIS IS A REPEATED POST TODAY FOR "TEA IN THE GARDEN" and I have edited some comments. The first linky from last summer IS CLOSED but drop down to the next linky if you have a "Tea In The Garden" post to share.  Don't be confused by the first list which is from last summer - drop down below!

 It's time to relax and spend a few moments lost in a favorite book about the Villages of England......I'm not into "numbering" my Teas in the Garden like so many number their tea blogging.   I have enjoyed sharing my garden with you and as I look out my kitchen door I see today's tea:

 Locals complain when it is in the 90's during the day in our area (unfortunately we are having very high temperatures even 100 degrees and we are hoping for rain today).   

I made an arrangement  from this and that and added the Golden Raintree pods. 

Many of you will realize that this is really a chocolate pot - not a teapot but we "can pretend can't we"?   I am not one to let rules stop me - I use whatever I like.

I have a fondness for needlepoint rugs in floral designs!

I have some blogging friends joining me for Tea in The Garden   and I hope you will enjoy visiting them as well!  If you have a post on your blog of tea in your garden, porch or patio - please join in the fun and remember to drop down to the lower linky!

After I was done with these photos, I put the bouquet on the bench. I went back later and the squirrels had bitten off the sunflower and eaten it!  I wish you a delightful weekend!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Today I share two photos of my garden....before the fire filled the air of the city with smoke.  This morning we woke up to a really bad smell in the air as the smoke has moved across the city. Over 5000 acres are involved in the fire up on top the mountain range.  No homes have burned or loss of life for which we are so thankful.  

Monday, June 25, 2012


With fire raging on the mountain range west of Colorado Springs, we had already decided to spend the day visiting our daughter Holly in Boulder, Colorado.  It was a very hot day and we did a lot of walking around the downtown Pearl Street Mall area and the park.

Above, I am "The Big Girl" on the right.  That's what I call myself lately since I have put on some pounds.   Our daughter and her Dad below:

We had breakfast at the historic cultural center known as Chatuauqua Dining Hall:

One of the many entertainers on the mall:

Boulder Creek going through the park.......

Upon returning to Colorado Springs, we could see the fire smoke over the city and a new fire below in Queen's Canyon just above what is called "The Scar" where rock was once quarried out of the mountain and green is slowing growing back:

This photo below was taken this morning and you can see how bad the smoke is from the 3 areas of fires,  Waldo Canyon, Williams Canyon and Queens Canyon all on top of the mountain range:

We appreciate your prayers for the firefighters and personnel involved as 4600 acres are involved.  No homes destroyed yet. Also, if this is an arsonist -pray whoever it is - is CAUGHT!

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Out in the garden early.....someone's kitty appeared:

I had decided to cut some blooms and put in them in a vase:

I wish you a lovely weekend filled with peace,
 good health and sunshine: