Saturday, June 23, 2012


These photos were from 6/23/2012 at my store.  This is very upsetting as you can see the smoke right down the street
from Old Colorado City.

 Over 5000 acres are involved in the fire up on top the mountain range.  No homes have burned or loss of life for which we are so thankful.  

Looking over,
this is up beyond Manitou Springs


  1. It is always so tragic to hear of such woodland fires. The wildlife that are upended from their homes - all destroyed. However, it is the way in nature - and new life comes from the ashes in its time. There is that hope.

    May you know clear skies and continued beauty in your garden spot - always a delight to view your photos of this little patch of personal paradise!


  2. You are in my prayers that these fires can be contained. Am grateful that no homes have been destroyed. And your brave firefighters -- they are heroes! They, too, are in my prayers.

  3. Thanks, too, for the update -- I appreciate your keeping us up on the situation in Colorado.

  4. Dear Bernideen,
    I saw the fire on the news on TV and thought, wheather this is your area. I hope the bad smoke will disappear soon and nothing important will be damaged. The photos of Bolder Creek look so nice and I love the flower bicycle.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  5. So much rain in part of the country and such dryness in others. So glad you are safe. I know it must be very upsetting to see so much destruction. Take good care.


  6. Hope that your garden stays safe with you and you family, Bernideen! Sending positive energy your way! XXOO Nancy

  7. I'm glad no one lost their lives or their homes! But it's sad that nature takes a beating, including all those dear little creatures! I hope you can get out and enjoy your garden again very shortly.


  8. Prayers for you, the firefighters, and all those affected by this tragedy.

  9. Hello Bernideen, I'm glad everything is OK with you. Hopefully the fire will come under control before you have to evacuate your store or home.
    At least the beauty of your garden can bring some pleasure during this time.
    Stay well,

  10. so sorry to hear that you are having effects from the fire. Stay safe

  11. I'm praying for Colorado, Bernideen. Take care.

  12. Everything looks so pretty here ... an oasis in the midst of it all ...


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