Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Monday, August 28 would have been 
Tasha Tudor's 102nd birthday.  She passed
away on June 18, 2008 just short of her
93rd birthday.  I am in a Facebook group
called "Take Peace" which celebrates
her all the time. 

In honor of Tasha, I have set a tea 
table upon the deck overlooking the
 back yard.  I am sure the thing I admire
 the most about Tasha
was her gardening skills
which I know has influenced
my love for gardening.

On Monday, I attended a special luncheon
given by Karen Mertens who is in the
"Take Peace" Tasha Tudor Facebook
group I participate in and it was a lovely
luncheon with tea and also a birthday cake
for Tasha - yes we sang Happy Birthday!

I first posted on this blog about Tasha 
back in 2009.  I already knew about her after
seeing an  1989 article in Country Home
 Magazine.  I remember when books came out
 in the early 90's "about her
  personally" and how everyone wanted to
read about this unique and creative
lady who handmade just about everything!
Since I sold the books in my shop, we
would just stand around and talk about her.

I had an employee years ago who
 moved to Washington State and retired
 there.   She joked that in her retirement she
 was going to become "Tasha Tudor"
 and of course
it was funny because she was not
 going to be doing that at all.

These books about her life are probably my favorites:

I am also sharing some tea cozies I

made for myself out of old vintage crochet
and linens.  I have had fun "figuring" this out
and it took me till the 3rd one to really
understand without a pattern. I have always
preferred these that draw up around the
teapot rather than the dome type that 
just sit over the teapot. 

 Have you
 ever noticed that there were so many different
shapes and sizes of teapots?  I do think that
 6 cup teapots are the most common size.  
Did you know that the term "cup" when 
referring to how many cups a teapot 
holds, is just measured by 6 oz - not 8 oz.
That's because a teacup is around 6 oz.
A 6 cup teapot would hold 36 ozs.

In honor of this celebration of
Tasha Tudor I am going to give
away this decoupaged clipboard in a
drawing September 7th.  If you are interested,
say so in your comment.  It would make
a lovely fall decoration. The artwork on 
this one is from "A Time to Keep" - November.
(due to shipping cost - drawing
 to USA and Canada)

Well, I hope you can join my "Tea In The Garden"
celebration today by sharing any post about tea
here at the bottom. (it doesn't have to be about
Tasha Tudor).  I will be taking a break from
this linky party next week September 6th!

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Tuesday Cuppa Tea

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


We had some lovely rain last night 
so the garden must be happier.  I think the
flowers sure like rain better than 
water from
the hose!

 Now that the Japanese Beetles are mostly gone,
I think the roses will start blooming again.

It's a long summer here in Missouri and it seems
odd to see fall displays and mums out for sale.

I have set a little tea time up so please
help yourself and have a cup of tea.

I am sharing some English Bone China
with the tiny rosebuds on it.

Next week I will be having a "Celebration of
Tasha Tudor's 102nd Birthday Anniversary".
Her birthday would be Monday, August 28th
 but my party will be Wednesday.  If you
don't know who Tasha Tudor was - this would
be a great time to learn about her and her
gardens, love of family and home!
Here is the logo for next week:

Please join me for my tea time blog party!
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Monday, August 21, 2017


Just to to give you time to "create", I will be
having a special tribute blog party for
Tasha Tudor's 102nd 
Birthday Anniversary
on August 30th.  
Her birth date was August 28, 1915

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Welcome to National Afternoon
Tea Week and tea time celebrations:

Today I noticed 3 ripe peaches on the
counter and decided to bake the Peach 
Kuchen recipe I saw in the July/August
issue of Victoria.

After setting up my little tea time in the garden,  a little bunny came by to 
check things out:

It is quite hot out today, humid and
this little vignette will happen fast.

We will enjoy the Kuchen!

I hope you get a chance to celebrate
National Afternoon Tea Week.
I am sharing a photo collage from a
tea I had last Sunday for some new friends 
 down in my "underground" tea room:

This was my first experience at baking
some Gluten Free items for this tea
and I found it a good experience as
 3 ladies were GF.  These photos were at the end of course  as like many I was so busy I forgot to grab my camera.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Sometimes it's fun to look back and 
remember other times and places:

So let's take a few minutes and
look back today at some
old August issues of Victoria magazine.

We have actually had some days in the 80's lately
which has been quite wonderful given the fact
that usually temperatures are in the high 90's now.

I have never been the greatest fan
 of August but
I try to have a good attitude and
 take whatever

The August 1988 issue had a wonderful
article about Beatrix Potter.  This
was Victoria's first monthly issue at
that time.  I love the photography in these

If you love tea time, I hope you can
 join me with a post about tea time
from your blog - at the bottom of this post.

I have been enjoying the bees and the
butterflies today.  At any given time 
in our yard the Cicadas are  screaming
 very loud.  I have to confess,
they scare me a little.  Let's just say, I
don't ever want one on me!