Tuesday, April 25, 2023


 Here we are almost done with
April and the garden is still just
developing but here are a few

It seems almost every birdhouse is
taken over by sparrows.  We have lots
of gold finches coming to and from
the feeders, nasty grackles back in 
the woods behind our home but 
we are delighted to have bluebirds too!

The blue birdhouse does have
bluebirds in it: 

I hope you are enjoying
your springtime! 

Saturday, April 22, 2023


 Spring seems to delight  in teasing 
us this year.  Just as we thought our
cold weather was history we  realize
it is not because tonight there
could be a possible freeze.

I decided I better pick a bouquet
of lovely white lilacs from the side of
our house.  I am also sharing a mulberry
transferware teapot I found yesterday
in Mexico, Missouri in a darling shop
that sells clocks and antiques.  They
are only open on Saturdays but
happened to be open by chance on

The pattern is Masons "Watteau".

It was a fun day and I did really admire
this piece of furniture.  My husband 
can be seen taking this photo of it
with his phone.  It also had a hefty 
price tag so we did not purchase it.

I think this weekend's cold weather
will probably be the last.  The yard
has been displaying many lovely
bulbs.  I couldn't resist embellishing
my white lilacs with more.

This is a perfect time to enjoy some
gardening books and receive some
last minute inspiration for spring.

I am not sure how a freeze would
affect the lilacs.....we shall see.

Saturday, April 15, 2023


 Welcome to Springtime in Missouri:

I actually feel guilty posting this after
a friend showed the snow coming down
in Colorado Springs where we used
to live.  Spring is definitely here in

I loved going out today, just before a
little rain storm and setting up my
first "Tea In The Garden" for
the season.

Most of the daffodils and the 
tulips have already come and gone. 
 The Forget Me Nots are just getting started.

I didn't plant many tulips last fall so
I wondered how many would return.

We recently had our trees trimmed
so it will be interesting  to see how
much more additional sunshine can
come into the area.  I want to really
watch my foxgloves as too much
sun here in our heat can prove deadly.

The bouquet found it's way to
the front porch entrance.

The first lilac to bloom is out
at the front of our house.

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Friday, April 7, 2023

Monday, April 3, 2023



We have had two lovely days of
spring weather and the bulbs 
are happy.

The fish were happy to come up
out of the bottom of the pond after
a long cold winter.

Today was a big day at our house
as the tree trimmers came to
tackle pruning some huge trees
in our back yard.

We had gotten an estimate last
fall for this project so we are
very happy that it is done!