Wednesday, September 27, 2017

AN EARLY AUTUMN "Tea In The Garden"

Yesterday my husband and I went to
an auction and I found a wonderful
book to share so first I made a 
bouquet with some of the last flowers
of the warm season.

I am sure you might be familiar with 
Carolyne Roehm's  books which came
 out in 1999-2000 and cover many
decorating and creative ideas for each
of the 4 different seasons.  I got a boxed
 set of all four for just a couple dollars so it
will be fun to enjoy them.  Shall
we have a cup of tea on the patio?

It's a safe place here under the deck
the walnuts are dropping constantly.

Also, I always love to see what
 art work Edith Holden did to 
represent each month.

Next week will bring October:

I think I already shared this birdbath
 I got
this summer at an estate sale.

Here in Missouri it will still be
warm for quite a while so I
will try to have as many of my
Wednesday tea blog parties in the 
garden as possible.  That doesn't 
work for everyone though - I know that
so anywhere you have a tea 
vignette will
work of course!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A FALL BUFFET for "Tea In The Garden"

I have been doing a lot of sewing these
 last couple of weeks - I am on a
 "tea cozy" roll if there
is such a thing.

Can a person get bored at home?  Not if
you are really wanting to learn new things
and if you love to bake or cook or sew or garden or craft or read or have hobbies and
the list goes on and on.

We have enjoyed a wonderful summer
in Missouri!  I don't think it was as
hot as last summer - or else we are
just starting to get used to it!  But
with the arrival of Autumn this Friday - 
I decided to set up a fall buffet
down in the tea room.

I am sharing some of the latest
tea cozies I have been sewing.   Some years
back,  I was antiquing in Denver and found
 some small pieces of very old velvet.  They
 don't make fabric like this anymore. (see the
peach colored one)  I also had some very
old lace to embellish it with.

 I think I finally have the dimensions 
on the measurements figured out for a
 small 2-3 cup, and a standard 6 cup and a
 large 8 cup  teapot.  I think a standard
 6 cup is the most common size. 
 Want to way in on that? Remembering
of course that teacups are measured
by 6 oz - not 8 oz.

I am cutting up the old sections of
 old vintage crochet
 tablecloth.  It was badly stained in
places. It is underlined with
 gold fabric to support the crochet.
I also sewed a piece of
handmade lace on it.  All have
batting inside and lining:  

This one isn't for fall but I
am keeping it because I love,
love the Sunbonnet Ladies:

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

OUT ON THE PATIO for "Tea In The Garden"

We have enjoyed a lovely summer in
 Missouri and now the nights are cooling off.  
Over labor day we made a quick trip to
Des Moines, Iowa but mostly this summer,
we just enjoyed being home.  Here is a little
tea table I set up for us outside by the Koi pond.

 I thought I'd share the teapot
 I found in Valley Junction in
West Des Moines.

It is called Canadian Rose by Royal Albert.

As you can see we have had very little rain lately!

I love that the robin's won't be
leaving for winter but the hummingbirds -
which have been so fun - will be going
south soon.

Miss Tabitha is especially proud of the foxgloves
she has been growing from seed this summer:

And now back to our tea on the patio.....

Here is a closer view
 of the

I have been learning to sew tea cozies and
this is one I made last week for myself - it
is on the teapot I showed you above.

I have been praying for all the people
who have experienced these tragic
hurricanes down south. 
 I hope you have too.

Thursday, September 7, 2017


The exciting news is that Nancy at
 "Two Cottages and Tea" won the
 drawing for the Tasha Tudor
clipboard.  I will get that in the mail
 once she contacts me with an address! 
 Congratulations Nancy!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


We just returned today from a short trip to
 Des Moines, Iowa to visit family. 
 The weather has turned cooler
both here and there but I found
 flowers in our yard at home
for some
fun bouquets!  

My husband has allergies so rarely do I
have many flowers inside - these are
out on the porch entrance.

These green hydrangeas below
were in my Sister In Law's yard and
believe it or not - these were just a few of
the "little" ones she had.  Most were
 as big as watermelons and the biggest
I have ever seen before!

If you have not yet entered a comment
 to win the Tasha Tudor clipboard - this 
is last call as the drawing is tomorrow
in the post below!
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