Tuesday, August 31, 2010


"In nothing is the English genius for domesticity more notably declared than in the institution of afternoon tea."  George Gissing

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The Essential Tea Companion...Victoria

Today is Tea Time Tuesday!

"There is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea."  Ralph Waldon Emerson, Letter and Social Aims

I am so happy to see young women becoming interested in the pleasure of serving tea, having tea bridal showers and decorating  their homes with teapots and tea related items.....

    Even the recent movie "Alice In Wonderland" has stirred an interest in tea.....

The calendar below has always been a favorite at my store....I love looking at the lovely antique and collectible teapots on it's pages......

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Monday, August 30, 2010


I grew up in Virginia where backyard gardens were common. Canning food was common and women saved their mayo jars for canning tomatoes. Of course one broke once in a while in the boiling water, but after all the jar was "free". Last week our Colorado Springs "Gazette" had an article about the resurgence in interest in canning.  Do you have things you want to do but it has to be on your "stuff to do in the future list"?  There are so many wonderful food blogs now and I'm not talking Martha Stewart level here.  Just ordinary people who are passionate about cooking, canning and gardening and a host of other interests. After I was married  my Mom started gardening, got a cow, goats and both of my younger step sisters had a horse.  When I had lived at home we did have a small garden but she greatly expanded it.   One summer she canned over 1000 jars of food! I guess it was all something she had always wanted to do...people do different things at different times in life.  Is this your time to learn to can?

The newspaper article I read last week, talked about city people who are trying their hands at preserving food - an example would be the blog Saving The Season where Kevin West has been bitten by the canning fever. My son and daughter in law in Columbia, Missouri now have their own chickens for eggs. Many areas have legalized chickens "in town" - just NO ROOSTERS for obvious reasons.

In my store I have private label foods - this means I don't make them - but they bare our store name.   Then there are many small businesses with commercial kitchens  who process foods on a small business scale.  Of course, we have an interest in Colorado based food products and recently added some cantaloupe products from Rocky Ford, Colorado.  We do have our own tea mix recipes which we have processed for us in Fort Collins. You probably know that stores can only sell foods processed in commercial kitchens but farmers markets can sell things made in home kitchens.

You may be familiar with blogs like Kimberly's Cup where a young mother has a special love to learn and make and do all things homespun, healthy and make a wonderful home for her family.

I enjoyed learning to can in the 70's and hope to get back to it one day!

It seems like every community has a farmers market now where locals gather to sell their backyard and small garden produce.  This is a wonderful source for canning goods....you can save jars from year to year, find them at yard sales and reuse some jars from foods you have purchased.  Grocery stores usually have a section where jelly jars are sold with lids, etc.  Check out the canning blogs such as Food In Jars and Tigress in A Jam and Anarchy In A Jar and Canning Across America to learn more!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Teacup Thursday

Today is Teacup Thursday.......here are few of my teacups I have shown in the past- now in a collage!

Please visit Miss Spenser's Blog to see blog friends who are sharing today!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


On Tuesdays, Sandi who lives on Prince Edward Island organizes a gathering of those who love Tea Time.....curious who else participates?  Check out her blog at Rose Chintz Cottage & Inspirations

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I have found it challenging keeping up with things this summer!  Maybe you have had a busy summer too!  Take a moment and relax with a cup of tea...IT IS ALWAYS TIME FOR TEA!

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Monday, August 23, 2010


I have a collection of lace collars - all are very old....

I wonder who wore them - who was the lady who embellished her blouse or dress?  and who mastered this art of crochet and delicate lace work....

How delicate some lace collars were.....

and intricate crochet......these little pieces below were worn at the neck with a broach...

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Saturday, August 21, 2010


With summer winding down be sure and take time to relax in your garden...and of course...with tea!  Today I went out into the garden very early and took one of my tea carts and  my Roses and Ivy teaset -  After all it IS PINK SATURDAY!

Welcome to pinkness.....

Welcome to Bernideen's Tea Time Blog:

as the sun was rising over the fence it was very restful.....

I love the delicate patterns of the Queen Anne's Lace.......

I now have Ravens coming to the garden - whether I like it or not!

The Roses and Ivy English Pattern is very soft....

Please visit Beverly for a list of others who participate in Pnk Saturday in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.....you will find her at How Sweet The Sound

This walnut Tea Cart has sides that fold down that can form a table!  It is very sturdy and well built.

Have a wonderful Pink Saturday....today will be my last day to participate in Pink Saturday.  I have done it for 2 years- never missed but I feel it is my time to move on.  Beverly has done a great job and what a terrific gal!